Aarde warmt op of kleine ijstijd?!

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New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’

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Climate Myths & Realities / Extinctions & Catastrophe -Cosmography101-18.2 w/ Randall Carlson '08

GeoCosmic REX
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Cosmography 101 Class 18 segment 2/3 with Randall Carlson, from April 2008. (Segment 18.1 here: ) Summary notes/topics:
Quotes from “How Ice Age Climate got the Shakes” re: Younger-Dryas transitions
“…Extinction of the Australian Mega-fauna” by R. Gillespie et al; Studies of Lancefield Swamp
Common event connecting climate change with extinction 26 kya?
Bone-bed of estimated 10,000 individuals of large extinct mega-fauna
Quotes from Peter Birkeland re: Sea level changes near Los Angeles
Recognizing repetition of Heinrich Events in time with Great Year cycle
Proxy graph of ‘Holocene temperature variations’
Rational discussion of climate change cannot drop all other factors that contribute
800lb. gorilla of natural climate change ignore due to mouse of anthropogenic changes
Natural climate change doesn’t justify/permit controls on human behavior
Al Gore’s hockey stick graph has been totally discredited
Back to graph of dramatic temperature changes from GISP
Climate Change: Myths and Realities
Quotes from “The Climate of Europe: Past, Present and Future”
Most exhaustive study of historical times
Storms increased during cooling period
Little Ice Age effects in Europe
Examples of glacial advances and retreats in northern Europe
Quotes from “On the Nature of Certain Climate Epochs…” from Hubert H. Lamb ‘63
Arctic ice disappeared during medieval warm period
Other glacial variations since the last ice age
Scientific evidence that’s not being addressed in AGW discussions
Glacial recession examples; in retreat for decades before human CO2 contribution
Burckle Crater; tsunami effects / Chevrons – 600’ high sediment deposits on Madagascar
Deep sea microfossils fused with extra-terrestrial metals
“Splooge” on the western coast of Australia
Possible areas to study along coasts of Sri Lanka and South African coasts
Site of the crater in the Indian Ocean
Shaped hills in eastern Washington from ‘tsunami’ passing over
Holocene Working Group suggests possibly 80% of world’s population wiped out
Summary from HWG reviewing highest run-ups observed over a broad region
Conclusions of George Frederick Wright: “Geological Confirmations of the Noachian Deluge”
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