Chess, the next move?

Hier vind je tientallen topics over de vele complotten en samenzweringen die de wereld rijk is.
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This blog is prb not going to be one of the most poular but i have to put this up for the sake of providing information.

Every now and then life forces you to stop in your tracks and look what's in front of you. Sometimes we need to remember events we have forgotten or have put in a place in our minds where certain thoughts and fears are being kept.

So, what is it i would like to "show" you? I would like to show you a possibility of events that might be right around the corner. The following is NOT conspiracy thought and every single piece of information can be fact checked and researched for accuracy. Try to fit this puzzle here with reason and objectivity and you will see that what i say here can actually be very real, indeed. I was asked to bring this out in the open (in some way) because people have the right to at least view the information as i have put together. What one does with it is entirely up to him/her and i have no intention to be engaged in "yes/no" discussion afterwards.

For those old enough the early 1980's (say until '86/'87) have memories of the tensions between the East (Warchaw Pact) and the West. It's called the Cold War, we all know that.We remember Russia and America warning each other about their nuclear capability and threats of mutual anniliation. In those years the threat of nuclear war was very real. And then, in '89 the Berlin Wall fell..........celebrations all over, yay "the cold war is over and the threat is gone!!!" In the days and weeks after the Berlin Wall fell both Western and Eastern parties warned that "although the hated wall is down the initial dispute was not resolved. This was said even AFTER the "Old" generation in Russia's army was replaced with the younger generation. Keep in mind that this younger generation still has the same goal then their old collegues and that is to bring the empire USA to it's knees....remember that sentence while you read on.

The world was celebrating, ushering in the new age of peace. Could it be that the fall of the Wall was either a diversion techique or the "next stage" in the chess game? Not a lot of people know or realize that both Russia and the USA fly over each others airspace with long range nuclear capable bombers in "training missons". Or are they? Let's make a jump to 2006/2007 more then 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Vladimir Putin said in his inaguaration speach after he was elected for the first time: "I will restore Russia's military and modernize our nuclear arsenal to be able to meet any threat from anyone." Putin wanted to make Russia a super power again, and he did.......Oh, putin IS someone from the younger generation!

Putin kept his word and invested a lot in modernizing the nuclear arsenal while the US was dismanteling nukes at a rapid rate. Over the years Russia boosted their arsenal, higher numbers, better technology, upgrading planes, building lots of submarines jam packed with nuclear tipped cruise missiles and lately they heve announced that "Russian missiles are now equiped with technology that can beat any anti misslie shield". It would be very naive to think that they are just sitting somewhere gathering dust, right? Wrong, these things are moving all over the far mostly out of our sights.....

Do you know, realize that Russian "Bear" bombers are still flying over US interests and approach the US itself up to 2,000 kilometers?? Do you also know/realize that they pop up without warning, without the US being notified that there is a "training" going on? Let me be clear: IF a Russian nuclear bomber (WITH payload) flies over the US it is NO "mistake". The protocols are too sound for such a thing to be a mistake.

Here is a list of some "incidents".

2007 "The sorties, believed to be the first since the Cold War ended, come as Russia stresses a more assertive foreign policy, correspondents say. "

Here's a thought: Could it be that Russia knows that the US nuclear arsenal is no match for Russias'? Could it be that Russia knows that they can fly over and the US cant do anything to either prevent that or engage the planes? Since this is clearly a violation of airspace one would think that any nation capable of defending itself would act more assertively in this situation then the US did. "Exchanging smiles", yeah right......

And in 2008 there was the Russian incursion in Georgia and Ussetia. Let's focus on Georgia. NATO has offered Georgia to become a member of NATO and at the same time NATO was planning on building a new part of the rocket shield against Russian missiles in Poland and other places. So, for good reasons Russia felt threatened as they were being surrounded by NATO all along its borders. NATO also was telling Russia to get out of Georgia. Russia just said "No" and stayed and bringing the country back in "order" as the Russians saw fit. NATO kept on condemning the Russian actions which lead to heated relationships between the the hight of that, guess what, NATO left Georgia "all of the sudden"...........what happened there? So, the flyover of 2007 was a fact, US didnt do anything about that and now NATO leaves Georgia just like that? Could it have been a tactical threatening with the use of nuclear weapons if NATO wouldnt stop screaming at Russia?

2013. "HONOLULU, February 16, 2013 — On Tuesday this week, armed Russian Air Force Tu-95 “Bear” bombers skirted U.S. airspace around Guam and were later intercepted by F-15s scrambled from Andersen AFB. The incident, which occurred just shortly before President Obama’s State of the Union Address, is just one of numerous ongoing probes of Western airspaces by Russian strategic bombers since 2007."More from 2013.

"Incident".........that is no "incident".....that's no mistake.......It was sent there, on purpose. And again, the US can't do anything.....

If there would be a perfect window for Russia to "launch the initial strike for the anniliation of its arch enemy USA" it would be in the current time frame.....

Another thing worth mentioning relating to this is that China is training commandos in "taking beaches". Why would China do that when that country has virtually NO navy? Why would China want to train commandos to come into a country by taking the beach??? I'll get back to it later on in this piece as to why that could be.

Also in Europe Russian bombers fly over.

Spy planes and bombers.

2010 and 2013.

Some of you will remember the movie "The Day After" a realistic movie from the 1980's depicting how a nuclear war would come about in those times. As a young person i felt this movie was significant and made for a reason. I must say that in this day and age nuclear war will be upon us like a thief in the night. We will not hear broadcasts of airbursts being seen over this and that country and we wont hear rethoric from either party saying "we are doing this, that and the other thing". Here's a possible scenario that might play out.......

The first initial attack on US would be one which eliminates the president, vice-president and the secretary of state and the army leaders. Shortly after a wave of tactical, relatively small sized nuclear weapons will target, airfields, lines of communication and other military installations and interests in and outside the US. Europe will have a real beating as well as the US. The 3rd wave would be a massive attack on major populated centers to further decimate the US. After that.........the land is up for grabs. And that is where the Chinese training commando's to land on beaches makes sense.. It is thinkable that after the Russian unslaught the Chinese will be allowed to occupy the country, wait for the fall out to be on safe levels, and move in to take over whatever is left......

There you have it. This was brought to my attention after a talk with someone ( a very credible source) who knows his/her stuff and that talk brought back memories from back in the days when the threat was real and too many people were watching and listening so they knocked over a wall.......

I am not saying that this scenario will play out but i AM saying that, when you look at it with reason and logic that it's very, very plausible to happen. There is a perfect window here for the Russians, all they have to do now is to wait for clear skies (Fig.) and someone saying "Go" somewhere.......

Weapons are made to be used. Would it make any sense for Russia to upgrade their arsenal, move it around and eventually not going to use it for their (outspoken) goal? Check the facts, do the research, keep your eyes open for the small stories in your local paper, see who is moving what. Make a plan to get yourself safe and think about what you would do in a situation like this......

Russia has heavily invested in underground nuclear shelters.........."incident"?

Something to think about, right?

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zo 07 jul 2013, 18:11


mark rutte gaat dat echt niet toestaan hoor..
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zo 07 jul 2013, 21:38

Heb deze video maar deels gezien (de poster komt wat dogmatisch en vergelijkingen lijken wat vergezocht), maar ik moest wel een beetje aan deze video denken bij het lezen van bovenstaand verhaal.

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vr 12 jul 2013, 00:27

Weapons are made to be used
Kamer vraagt VS kernwapen Volkel niet te vernieuwen

De Amerikanen overwegen ruim 664 miljoen dollar (507 miljoen euro) uit te trekken voor de modernisering van de B61, de atoombom die vermoedelijk ook op vliegbasis Volkel ligt opgeslagen.

Raymond Knops (CDA) overhandigde donderdag in Washington een brief namens een meerderheid van de Tweede Kamer aan het Amerikaanse Congres waarin wordt gevraagd om af te zien van de modernisering.
Het Congres bespreekt momenteel de wet waarmee fondsen worden vrijgemaakt voor het up-to-date maken van de B61. Daarvan liggen er vermoedelijk 10 tot 20 op de basis in Brabant. ... euwen.html
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zo 14 jul 2013, 19:04

Google is ook aan schaken....:
Tja... Ingmar Bergman, zou nu dus 95 jaar zijn geworden.

Wel leuk want zoek maar eens "Ingmar Bergman Masonry".
“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~
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do 03 aug 2017, 11:59

ach nex als je die eerste rondes wat dingen anders had gedaan....maar goed dat zal voor ons allemaal wel gelden....
ik voel nog altijd de behoefte om t recht te zetten...gewoon nog een extra dansje. niet omdat t kan maar omdat t nodig is...

dus speciaal voor jou en fuck de rest:
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do 03 aug 2017, 13:18

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