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Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: za 27 sep 2014, 22:01
door Mec

Below is a rare interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck Pharmaceutical’s Chief developer of Vaccines for over 45 years.
In this amazing interview, Dr. Hilleman, showing absolutely no remorse, admits to his vaccines being contaminated with the AIDS virus, the Leukemia virus, the cancer-causing Simian Virus 40 (SV40), as well as by 40 other foreign viruses, many still “live”!

...lees verder in link ... 51086.html

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: di 30 sep 2014, 23:58
door Mec
Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story is Not Being Told

The pro-Pharma mainstream media would like everyone to believe that doctors and "scientists" all agree that vaccines ... nation-all are safe and effective, and that dissenters are uneducated or uninformed parents.

Not true. Doctors and scientists who dare to speak out against the status quo, putting their own careers in jeopardy for telling the other side of the story, are of course few, and clearly in the minority. But that does not mean they do not exist. It just means they are fewer in number, because they value truth and the health and well-being of the public more than financial connections to the pharmaceutical industry.

Leslie Manookian, producer of "The Greater Good" movie, lists over 150 scientists and physicians who have questioned vaccines publicly. Read the list here. ... -vaccines/

Below, we bring you short videos from three different doctors who all do an excellent job of summarizing the "other side" of the story when it comes to vaccines. You will not hear this anywhere in the mainstream media.

1. Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician), says the vaccine industry isn't giving people both sides of the story, and parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or even death. She points out the reasoning of the government and pharmaceutical industry in claiming that "people are too stupid" to notice that vaccines are "miraculous," and so they are going to give out vaccines anyway.


"Why must such a 'wonderful product' be forced on people?"

"Inventors of vaccines have chosen a belief system whereby infants are all born with inadequate immune systems (and therefore need to be "saved" from diseases by vaccines)."

Dr. Humphries states that most doctors think Mother Nature is flawed. The doctor doesn't know how to take care of an immune system, because the doctor was never taught in medical school how to take care of an immune system. What you end up with is a whole society, from start to finish, that does not know how an immune system works, does not know how to take care of it, does not know how to replenish the nutrients and minerals that are needed, does not know how to ingest a diet that will support it, and then when it fails, "It's God's fault. We need a vaccine."

2. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a doctor of osteopathy and the director and founder of OsteoMed II, a clinic established in 1996 in Ohio. Dr. Tenpenny talks about the lack of safety studies conducted on vaccines, pointing out that studies are only conducted on healthy individuals which are not representative of a large part of society that vaccines are given to. People who are chronically sick and are taking many different kinds of medications are never studied.

Dr. Tenpenny also discusses whether or not vaccines are effective, pointing out the difference between "vaccine antibodies" and natural immunity. She helps people understand that when a claim is made saying "vaccines are effective", it simply means it effectively created an "antibody" for a specific disease, but not that it has proven to prevent the person from contracting that disease. She discusses the growing number of cases in the U.S. where disease outbreaks are occurring among the vaccinated populations, who have been fully vaccinated for the disease from which they are suffering.

3. Dr. Meryl Nass

Dr. Meryl Nass is an M.D. in internal medicine. In this interview she exposes the revolving door that exists between pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines and the U.S. government. She covers the Gardasil controversy ... v-vaccines and says "Healthy girls don't just die suddenly." Dr. Nass is also an expert on the anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome. ... being-told

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: ma 13 okt 2014, 16:51
door blackbox
India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

A recent report published by Health Impact News has reported that the Gates Foundation has found itself facing a pending lawsuit, due to an investigation that is being carried out by the Supreme Courts of India.

“The report states, ‘The procured vaccines are not tested in laboratories to confirm their efficacy and genuineness. This leaves room for use of spurious and counterfeit vaccines.’” [7] (emphasis added)
If this is true, then once again the Gates Foundation has been linked to mass vaccination initiatives using untested, unsafe vaccinations.

The Gates Foundation and WHO Labeled Unethical by Medical Experts

In 2012, Ramesh Shankar Mumbai, an author writing for the Pharmabiz website, reported that two medical experts from India had accused the Gates Foundation and WHO of being unethical.

In his report, Mumbai stated that Dr. Neetu Vashisht and Dr. Jacob Puliyel of the Department of Pediatrics at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi, wrote the following information in their report in the April issue of Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.
“It was unethical for WHO and Bill Gates to flog this program when they knew 10 years back that it was never to succeed. Getting poor countries to expend their scarce resources on an impossible dream over the last 10 years was unethical.”

MORE: ... e-for.html

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: za 18 okt 2014, 18:48
door Mec
Vaccine Scandals and Criminal Cases Increase in 2014


Health Impact News Editor

Criminal activities of pharmaceutical companies are frequently reported on in the mainstream media. The largest criminal settlements in U.S. history are cases against pharmaceutical companies, such as Johnson & Johnson’s $2.2 billion criminal settlement late last year for illegally marketing drugs to the elderly, children and the mentally disabled.

When it comes to criminal activities involved with marketing vaccines, however, there is a near total blackout in the mainstream media. So here at Health Impact News we will highlight a sampling of some of the biggest stories of fraud and criminal activities involved with marketing vaccines so far here in 2014.....lees verder in de link ... e-in-2014/

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: ma 17 nov 2014, 23:45
door Toxopeus
'Twintig kinderen kregen slaapziekte na griepvaccin in 2009'
Gepubliceerd: 13 november 2014 16:09

Twintig Nederlandse kinderen, van wie negentien peuters, zijn - mogelijk na inenting met het vaccin tegen de Mexicaanse griep - getroffen door de ernstige ziekte narcolepsie.
Dat blijkt uit meldingen gedaan bij Bijwerkingen Centrum Lareb. Het gaat om kinderen die in 2009 de griepprik hebben gehad. Deze wordt nu niet meer gegeven.

In mei van dit jaar werd al duidelijk dat acht kinderen de ernstige ziekte hadden gekregen. Ook zij waren ingeënt tegen de griep. Narcolepsie is een slaap/waakstoornis. Patiënten hebben onder meer last van onbedwingbare slaapaanvallen overdag.

De Europese Geneesmiddelenautoriteit (EMA) stelde in 2010 dat er mogelijk sprake was van een relatie tussen het vaccin tegen Mexicaanse griep en de slaapziekte.
Uit Europees onderzoek zou zijn gebleken dat in Scandinavische landen narcolepsie vaker voorkwam na vaccinatie tegen Mexicaanse griep. In Nederland bleek dit toen niet het geval.

In totaal werden in Nederland 588.750 kinderen ingeënt met een eerste dosis van het vaccin. 490.584 kinderen kregen nog een tweede dosis.

Het is niet precies duidelijk hoe narcolepsie zou kunnen ontstaan na vaccinatie. Lareb meldt dat 'een auto-immun mechanisme in combinatie met genetische factoren' een rol kunnen spelen in de ontwikkeling van de ziekte.

Het centrum adviseert om nader onderzoek te doen naar de mogelijke relatie van het vaccin met narcolepsie.

Door: ANP/ ... -2009.html

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: di 13 jan 2015, 15:52
door Albert Heijnstein

An international controversy has erupted over an Ohio doctor who is scheduled to give a series of talk to concerned parents in Australia. The topic: Vaccines. You may remember Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, yes, the doctor targeted by the United Nations as a leading “influencer” arguing that vaccines cause Brain injury.

Well, groups are now calling for her visa to be revoked and venues are pulling out to prevent her from speaking about Vaccines in Australia.
The Guardian reports Sydney venue cancels seminar, W A today says her Tour is in jeopardy, the Daily Telegraph writes, Pro-Vaccine lobby is fighting to stop her, even the Health Minister Jill Hennessey has come out and called for organizers to cancel.

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: di 27 jan 2015, 10:46
door baphomet
27 JANUARI 2015-08:51



De huidige prijsstijging is volgens Artsen zonder Grenzen "disproportioneel".


De prijzen van vaccins voor kinderen in ontwikkelingslanden rijzen de pan uit. Sinds 2001 zijn deze prijzen verachtvoudigd. Artsen zonder Grenzen (AzG) wil dan ook dat de farmaceutische industrie de prijzen verlaagt.

Zo zijn de kosten voor het inentingenpakket van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie van 0,60 cent in 2001 voor jongens en meisjes inmiddels gestegen naar 28,50 euro voor jongens en 40,50 euro voor meisjes, meldt de Volkskrant. AzG noemt deze stijging "disproportioneel".

Er zijn drie vaccins die voornamelijk de boosdoener zijn: die tegen HPV, het rotavirus en pneumokokken. "Als de vaccins nog in de beginfase zouden zijn en er nog geen geld mee was verdiend, zou ik de prijzen enigszins snappen", zegt AzG-woordvoerder Frank Theunissen. "Maar dat is niet zo. Sinds de lancering van het pneumokokkenvaccin in 2010 hebben GlaxoSmithKline en Pfizer er al 16 miljard euro mee omgezet." Hij noemt de totstandkoming van de prijzen "mistig en ondoorzichtig".

'Prijsverlaging niet mogelijk'

Farmaceut GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is het daar niet mee eens. "Onze prijsstelling is gedifferentieerd, en daardoor mogelijk ingewikkeld", zegt de farmaceut. Omdat het pneumokokkenvaccin uit tien vaccins in één bestaat, is het productieproces "complex en kostbaar". Volgens GSK zijn de prijzen momenteel nog net kostendekkend; "prijsverlaging is niet mogelijk, om vaccins toegankelijk te houden".

Oud-tropenarts en epidemioloog Luc Bonneux begrijpt de hoge prijzen wel. "We moeten niet vergeten dat de farmaceuten geen mecenassen zijn", zegt hij. "Ze doen het voor de opbrengst. Het is gemakkelijk om te zeggen dat het allemaal monsters zijn, maar ze hebben wel mooi die vaccins ontwikkeld."
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Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: vr 30 jan 2015, 13:33
door baphomet
Jan 30, 3:35 AM EST



LOS ANGELES (AP) -- With California gripped by a measles outbreak, Dr. Charles Goodman posted a clear notice in his waiting room and on Facebook: His practice will no longer see children whose parents won't get them vaccinated.

"Parents who choose not to give measles shots, they're not just putting their kids at risk, but they're also putting other kids at risk - especially kids in my waiting room," the Los Angeles pediatrician said.

It's a sentiment echoed by a small number of doctors who in recent years have "fired" patients who continue to believe debunked research linking vaccines to autism. They hope the strategy will lead parents to change their minds; if that fails, they hope it will at least reduce the risk to other children in the office.

The tough-love approach - which comes amid the nation's second-biggest measles outbreak in at least 15 years, with at least 98 cases reported since last month - raises questions about doctors' ethical responsibilities. Most of the measles cases have been traced directly or indirectly to Disneyland in Southern California.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors should bring up the importance of vaccinations during visits but should respect a parent's wishes unless there's a significant risk to the child.

"In general, pediatricians should avoid discharging patients from their practices solely because a parent refuses to immunize his or her child," according to guidelines issued by the group.

However, if the relationship between patient and doctor becomes unworkable, the pediatrics academy says, the doctor may want to encourage the vaccine refuser to go to another physician.

Some mothers who have been dropped by their doctors feel "betrayed and upset," said Dotty Hagmier, founder of the support group Moms in Charge. She said these parents made up their minds about vaccines after "careful research and diligence to understand the risks versus the benefits for their own children's circumstances."

Dropping patients who refuse vaccines has become a hot topic of discussion on SERMO, an online doctor hangout. Some doctors are adamant about not accepting patients who don't believe in vaccinations, with some saying they don't want to be responsible for someone's death from an illness that was preventable.

Others warn that refusing treatment to such people will just send them into the arms of quacks.

The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, or MMR, is 97 percent effective at preventing measles, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Measles spreads easily through the air and in enclosed spaces. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, cough and a rash all over the body. In rare cases, particularly among babies, measles can be deadly. Infection can also cause pregnant women to miscarry or give birth prematurely.

All states require children to get certain vaccinations to enroll in school. California is among 20 states that let parents opt out by obtaining personal belief waivers. Some people worry that vaccines cause developmental problems, despite scientific evidence disproving any link. Others object for religious or philosophical reasons.

Nationally, childhood measles vaccination rates have held steady for years at above 90 percent. But there seem to be growing pockets of unvaccinated people in scattered communities, said Dr. Gregory Wallace of the CDC.

In recent years, nearly all U.S. measles cases have been linked to travelers who caught the virus abroad and spread it in this country among unvaccinated people.

Northern California's Marin County has a high rate of people claiming personal belief exemptions. In 2012, Dr. Nelson Branco and his partners at a Marin County practice started turning away toddlers whose parents refused to make sure they received the measles vaccine.

Branco said 10 to 20 of his practice's 8,000 or so patients left after the change.

Vaccines "can be spooky for parents," Branco said. But "in the end, we have the science. We have the experience that it's the right thing to do."


AP Medical Writer Mike Stobbe contributed to this report. Follow Alicia Chang on Twitter at (at)SciWriAlicia

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Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

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door baphomet
The 21 curious questions we're never allowed to ask about vaccines

(NaturalNews) The surest sign of a medical dictatorship is an aggressively enforced blockade against intelligent questions. Intelligent questions, after all, can destroy a medical police state because they expose the fraud of it.

Intelligent questions -- which the vaccine industry characterizes as "dangerous" -- are the greatest threat to the vaccine delusions still being played out across the world today, which is precisely why such questions are not allowed to be asked. Those daring to ask such questions are now being threatened with mass arrest and imprisonment -- that's how vulnerable the fraudulent vaccine industry has now become. It can be brought down by mere words if only those words are allowed to be circulated.

What sort of questions are we not allowed to ask? Here are 21 censored questions the obedient, pharma-controlled mainstream media will never dare ask:

Question #1) If measles vaccines confer measles immunity, then why do already-vaccinated children have anything to fear from a measles outbreak?

Question #2) If vaccines work so well, then why did Merck virologists file a False Claims Act with the U.S. government, describing the astonishing scientific fraud of how Merck faked its vaccine results to trick the FDA?

Question #3) If vaccines don't have any links to autism, then why did a top CDC scientist openly confess to the CDC committing scientific fraud by selectively omitting clinical trial data after the fact in order to obscure an existing link between vaccines and autism?

His exact statement, published on the website of his legal counsel:

My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

Question #4) If mercury is a neurotoxic chemical (which it is), then why is it still being injected into children and pregnant women via vaccines? Why does the vaccine industry refuse to remove all the mercury from vaccines in the interests of protecting children from mercury?

The U.S. government tells us that lead in water is BAD, but mercury in vaccines is GOOD!


Question #5) If vaccines are so incredibly safe, then why does the vaccine industry need absolute legal immunity from all harm caused by its products?

Question #6) If vaccines work so well to prevent disease, then why do some vaccines (like the chickenpox vaccine) openly admit that they can cause the spread of chickenpox?




Question #7) If vaccines are so great for public health, then why do these historical public health charts show nearly all the declines in infectious disease taking place BEFORE vaccines arrived on the scene?


And watch this must-see interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries who reveals the truth about vaccines:

Question #8) If vaccines are perfectly safe, then why did at least 13 people recently die in Italy after being vaccinated?

Question #9) If vaccines are so trustworthy, then why did a pro-vaccine group in Africa recently discover -- to its shock and horror -- that vaccines being given to young African women were secretly laced with abortion chemicals?

Question #10) If vaccines are backed by solid science, then why do some vaccine inserts openly admit they are backed by no clinical trials?

...there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.


Question #11) If vaccines are so safe, then why does this vaccine insert admit that the Gardasil vaccine causes "acute respiratory illness" in babies who consume the breast milk of mothers who have been vaccinated?


Question #12) If vaccines are so safe, then why does this Gardasil insert sheet admit that the vaccine causes "seizure-like activity, headache, fever, nausea and dizziness" and can even cause those injected with the vaccine to lose consciousness and fall, resulting in injury?






Question #13) If vaccines are totally safe, then why do vaccine insert sheets disclose a long list of frightening and bizarre side effects associated with their vaccines?



Just some of the adverse effects experienced after flu shot vaccines include:

• Eye pain and chest pain
• Arthritis
• Dizziness, tremors and losing consciousness (syncope)
• Convulsions and seizures
• Guillian-Barre Syndrome
• Cranial nerve paralysis or limb paralysis
• Swelling of the brain
• Partial facial paralysis
... and much more. See the text yourself:


Question #14) If vaccines are backed by so much "science" then why do they frequently admit there really aren't any studies of the vaccine for the very groups of people who are often injected with it?

Question #15) If vaccines are so safe to give to pregnant women, then why do the vaccine insert sheets openly admit most of them have never been tested for safety in pregnant women? In fact, this vaccine admits "the effects of the vaccine in fetal development are unknown."

Question #16) If vaccines are so safe to be injected into the bodies of children and pregnant women, then why do their own insert sheets readily admit they are manufactured with a cocktail of toxic chemical ingredients including "fetal bovine serum?" (The blood serum of aborted baby cows.)

Question #17) If vaccines achieve absolute immunity, then why are as many as 97 percent of children struck by infectious disease already vaccinated against that disease?

Question #18) If vaccines are totally safe and effective, then why did this five-year-old girl recently die from the very strain of flu she was just vaccinated against?

Question #19) If the mainstream media claims to report honest, unbiased information about vaccines, then why was there a total nationwide blackout on the news of the CDC whistleblower admitting vaccines are linked to autism?

This was one of the most censored medical news stories of 2014, and the CDC's criminal cover-up stretches back more than 12 years...

Question #20) Why does the CDC falsely claim all vaccines are completely safe and effective when its own website still lists the toxic chemical ingredients used in vaccines?

The CDC openly admits that mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, antibiotics and other chemicals are still used in vaccines. Here's a screen shot from the CDC website's vaccine additives page that confirms this:

bron en meer:->> ... z3QUvG3nDJ

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: ma 02 feb 2015, 20:36
door baphomet
Antivaccinatie wappies maken retroziekte weer hip

Er zijn steeds meer ouders die liever hebben dat hun kind crepeert van de polio of de mazelen dan dat ze autisme krijgen. Want vaccinaties, wetenschappelijk bewezen superspul tegen dodelijke ziektes, zouden autisme veroorzaken. En dat vinden die ouders stom, want ze hebben liever dat hun kind op de meest pijnlijke wijze dood gaat of voor het leven getekend wordt door een ziekte die gewoon te voorkomen is met wat prikjes hier en daar. Anti-vaccinatie is onzin uit de categorie 'homeopathie geneest', 'bidden helpt' en 'Albert Verlinde bekommert zich om privacy', maar een schrikbarend grote groep volwassen mensen gelooft deze medische diederikstapelarij. Met als resultaat dat archaïsche ziektes die we bijna van de planeet hadden gevaccineerd, nu weer weelderiger tieren dan het kapsel van Rob Muntz. Terwijl ze zouden moeten tieren met de weelderigheid van het kapsel van Maxim Hartman, natuurlijk. Er is zelf een Nederlandse vereniging ter promotie van polio en mazelen bij jonge kinderen. Hun stelling: vaccineren is een keuze, geen plicht. Jup, je anderhalf jaar oude kind niet onbeheerd achterlaten bij een brandende open haard is ook een keuze, maar dat maakt het nog niet verstandig. Bovendien zijn al die ongevaccineerde minderjarige poliovangers en kinkhoestkleuters een enorm gevaar voor zwangere vrouwen, lui met immuunziektes en dat soort dingen meer. Een soort bacteriële bomgordelterroristen, dankzij ouders die liever vertrouwen op malafide roeptoeters dan op moderne medische wetenschap. Respect voor de keuzevrijheid van ouders, mensen! Jongens. Waar zijn we nou eigenlijk mee bezig? De anti-vaccinatie is de zoveelste achterlijke ideologie die respect eist voor hun keuze voor kindermishandeling. En vindt dat mensen met gezond verstand niks te zeggen zouden mogen hebben over hoe zij hun kinderen in levensgevaar brengen. Zie ook: religie, allemaal. Retroziektes weer trending maken. Dat is pas ziek.

Johnny Quid | 02-02-15 | 19:33 |
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door baphomet
Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie wil af van hergebruik naalden

Gepubliceerd: 23 februari 2015 15:13
Laatste update: 23 februari 2015 15:12

De Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) wil af van naalden die hergebruikt kunnen worden. De organisatie laat maandag weten in te zetten op een overstap naar 'slimme spuiten' die zichzelf na gebruik uitschakelen.
Door het hergebruik van naalden worden jaarlijks meer dan twee miljoen mensen besmet met virussen zoals hiv en hepatitis.

Dat kan worden voorkomen door het gebruik van nieuwe spuiten, die bijvoorbeeld na gebruik de naald intrekken.

De nieuwe spuiten zijn duurder. Maar het gebruik daarvan zou uiteindelijk goedkoper uitvallen dan het behandelen van de ziekten die ontstaan na het gebruik van besmette naalden.

De WHO roept landen op voor 2020 waar mogelijk over te stappen op de slimme spuiten, behalve als dat botst met medische procedures.


Het Aids Fonds laat weten het initiatief toe te juichen. ''Hergebruik van naalden, zeker onder injecterende druggebruikers, is een belangrijke oorzaak voor de verspreiding van hiv. Een op de tien nieuwe hiv-infecties vindt plaats onder injecterende druggebruikers'', zegt directeur Ton Coenen.

De organisatie neemt ook zelf maatregelen om het hergebruik van naalden te voorkomen. Bijvoorbeeld door te investeren in niet-gouvernementele organisaties (ngo's) die ''omruilprogramma’s voor spuiten opzetten en lobbyen voor de gezondheidsrechten van groepen met het grootste risico op het krijgen van hiv''.

Door: ANP
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door baphomet
02 MAART 2015-14:46



Vijfhonderd mannen opgepakt die hun kinderen niet tegen polio laten inenten.


In het noordwesten van Pakistan zijn zo’n vijfhonderd mannen gearresteerd die hun kroost niet willen inenten tegen polio.

Vorig jaar werd polio bij zo’n driehonderd kinderen geconstateerd, een toename van 93 procent ten opzichte van 2013. De meeste besmettingen vinden plaats in het grensgebied met Afghanistan, schrijft het ANP.

De Taliban valt daar met regelmaat inentingsteams aan. De extremisten zijn bang dat de hulpverleners spionnen van de Verenigde Staten zijn of dat inenting leidt tot onvruchtbaarheid.
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Geplaatst: wo 04 mar 2015, 22:22
door fr3bzy
toch eens aan Big Pharma vragen wanneer ik mijn fiets terug krijg...

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Geplaatst: vr 13 mar 2015, 13:41
door combi
Duitse school mag kind zonder inenting weren
13 maart 2015 12:11 ... weren.html

Duitse scholen mogen leerlingen de toegang weigeren als ze niet zijn ingeënt tegen mazelen. Het verbod valt onder de wettelijk toegestane veiligheidsmaatregelen die scholen mogen nemen.

Dat heeft een rechtbank in Berlijn vrijdag bepaald.

Schoolbesturen mogen de maatregel gebruiken om besmettelijke ziektes als mazelen buiten de deur te houden. De uitspraak valt in een tijd dat er veel gevallen van mazelen in de Duitse hoofdstad zijn opgedoken.

Het gaat om de grootste uitbraak sinds 2001. Sinds oktober zijn bijna achthonderd gevallen geteld in Berlijn.

Re: Vaccinatie, autisme en andere perikelen

Geplaatst: vr 13 mar 2015, 22:33
door fr3bzy
come on...lets all sing the Eugenics song !