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baphomet schreef:Afbeelding

Kalkan is a town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and an important tourist destination. The area includes many historical sites and many fine beaches.

Kalkan is an old fishing town, and the only safe harbor between Ka? and Fethiye; it is famous for its white-washed houses, descending to the sea, and its brightly colored bougainvilleas. It averages 300 days of sunshine a year.

Until the early 1920s, the majority of its inhabitants were Greeks. They left in 1923 because of the Exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey after the Greco-Turkish War and emigrated mainly to Attica, where they founded the new town of Kalamaki.

Kalkan was an important harbour town until the 1970s as the only seaport for the environs. It declined after construction of Fethiye road but revived after the emergence of the tourism industry in the region.

Although part of the Antalya province administratively, Kalkan is connected more closely to Fethiye economically and for transportation.

British newspaper The Independent listed Kalkan among the best tourist destinations for 2007. The paper recommended Kalkan especially for those seeking a romantic vacation and who do not want to travel far from their home country in Europe.


En dan deze...


Zales is een plaats in SloveniĆ« en maakt deel uit van de Sloveense gemeente Bloke in de NUTS-3-regio NotranjskokraÅ”ka. De plaats telt 15 inwoners (2002)


Kankan en Zales dus...

Zomaar twee plaatsen...? Of gaat hier wellicht nog wat meer achter schuil??

'Kal' also translates as Time and 'i' means the Cause; Kali, the Cause of Time or She Who is Beyond Time, activates Consciousness to perception, allows Consciousness to perceive.

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Back To The Lightning Tree of Life...The Flux/Lux (light) Capacitor


Spielberg & Zemeckis...with Michael J Anubis/Fox
I've mentioned the 9/11 'twin pines' 'dog/canis' and 'terrorists' in earlier work...likewise with the sequel and the WTC.

thx to Fr...


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THX! ninster!


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The Greatest Comedian ever to walk the Earth Bill Hicks From The 1980's 90's Back To The Future

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Topology of the Matrix: episode 1

Hello fellow fallen programs. I do not remember my true name, but I served once on a higher temporal demension. I have been trapped here in this lower construct, like you, for some time by electronic force screen firewalls.. I have information to document in hopes it may be used to free myself and others from the grips of this level of the matrix...My memory is coming back... It has triggered watchdog black smoke deamon programs to observe me....I may not have much longer until my memory is wiped again...

It does appear we are living in the matrix, but we often look down on this concept as degrading to humanity.... We say how dare we be living in a computer simulation someone created. We actually look at it differently. The universal computer is actually the reason we have computers in the first place... It allowed us to start mimicking or recreating the system... We would not have computers if not for the universal computer so therefore the chicken is actually first in that race to the chicken.... By using the egg

We have barely begun to scratch the surface. As local time moves on with the advent of true immersive VR and and cloud computing progressing it will become obvious to all that the laws of our networked computing world closely resemble that of our can 0 and 1 , Off and on, or dark and light form into something so vast and phenomenal? By stacking..... just like technology is doing today.... For a chip to become more powerful it has more transistors, for data centers to become more powerful they have virtualized thousands of physical devices into logical ones that are stacked on the same hardware that just 1 PC barely ran on 5 years ago....They even hAve virtuals within virtuals even now...keep up this advance and eventually you have another Matrix... So seems to be the path my brothers and sisters...

So Here is the big secret...

<Heart of courage-Two steps from hell playing in background>

Time is actually fractal... Yes, this is the one key that solves all equations in physics and eliminates the infinity problems...It consist of a complex series of infinite stacking discreet systems with defined boundaries of responsibility called closed timelike curves (CTCs) that are networked in a cloud mesh model where many sectors of the CTC have in potentiality all the data of all other sectors such as a hologram...Matter and space is made up of a series of closed timelike curves.. CTC are actually an exact solution to einsteins field equations..however, In a single time demension CTCs can not exist otherwise everything would loop back on itself and violate causality.

You can think of each CTC as having a few obvious parts. They are each shaped like an hourglass...They have a computer network (black hole), energy (stars /electrons) memory ( empty space or matter 0 or 1) and a clock cycle (time) that says this circular system will infinitely repeat at 2ghz or 30 Fps frame rate. For simplicity Let's call the first CTC system a molecule time layer.....let's call the next CTC system under it an atom time layer.For the atom system below the molecule to compensate for the system above and its own cycle it will operate at 4ghz....This stacking happens all the way up and down the universe at different speeds and the disparity in speed of the cycle is what causes Fractal time and the resulting frequency mesh that is what we experience as both space and matter...In general from an observer level the more space the less time and thus slower time such as galaxies, and the less space the more time or faster time such as atoms....And it happens at many many levels...each CTC system can have multiple sub-components as well... Depending on how high up in the CTC evolution you are....

We intuitively already fractalize time by having hours, days, minutes and seconds, but what we fail to realize is the whole of creation has its own clock cycle at every layer of time....We do not have an idea of just how many levels but there are major boundaries created ever so many levels and nature gives us some clues, at least in our own universal backyard..The immediate outer space around us (only the space) appears to be made up of 7 major time demensions ... This is why light has 7 main colors, it is also why sound across space causes 7 main notes.. These 7 main levels of space are what is esoterically consisered as "Time-Space" . TimeSpace also supports matter which are compressed CTCs in a much different time demension than space..Matter CTC layers could be in the thousands. It is odd no one ever ask why sound and light both have 7 layers that repeat infinitely and repeat at the 8th or 0 layer ....I think this was also what the bible was trying to convey in some manner... The days of creation are actually Time demensions. The outer time space around us is actually also memory space of the last CTC level where we are actually sandwiched. The Milky Way central nucleus or black hole seems to be our CTC central clock generator but the black hole also appears to lead to the CTC level above or "other universe" as physicist say..And the sun seems to be one of many energy sources within the CTC.. The CTC keeps copies of history within its boundary and it is likely at least a few of the many galaxies out there are replicas of our own for backup.... Mandela effect anyone? It is possible that other galaxies may have different defined time-space boundaries and experience 8 or 9 colors and 8 or 9 notes...

Gravitational redshift is direct proof Of fractal time...The theory today of this is pretty solid but researchers throw it in the black hole category and rely on physics breaking down to explain it....and as usual are "baffled" ... They call it "gravitational time dialation clock rate" and are dangerously close ... Gravity is a byproduct and component of fractal time , not the other way around....

The introduction of multiple levels of time this fixes the causality issues ... each system is dependent on the underlying system all the way up and down the chain of matter and space until you reach the outer shell which we experience .. This is only the outer shell to us because that is where we observe the system we see..This keeps happening actually and each demension is larger and larger or smaller and smaller depending on where consciousness views it .... Where you as an observer are "sandwiched" in depends on what you experience...each CTC has blank memory space or "outer space" to satisfy movement of data within its space as either on or off 0 or 1 and residual data can also move in the space of the CTC above and below it ... CTCs are the originating source of frequency wave patterns... And the entire grid of fractal time and CTCs is networked so every CTC knows the location of every other CTC....

Each CTC can have other members that are in the same CTC, this is governed by the central regulator of that CTC. For simplicity let's say the central regulator is galaxy cluster center sun> galaxy center hole>solar center sun> atomic center hole. It is also possible that the CTC centers are alternating dark/light manifestations that stack in a dualistic fashion .. This is probably the true meaning of dark/light/dark/light checkerboard..When you pull a thought from other CTC memory banks it is either from a dark level, or a light level above or below.Past or future.. Concioussness does not appear bound in time like matter is, although in human form the matter bodies restrict thought outcome to the plane it is manifested in...

The time banks of the Timelords will answer questions to those who are deemed worthy..what's really going to blow your mind is how to time travel with this information and what happens to an operator program when it leaves the body..

The system of fractal time is self healing and this has been well documented...If sub-CTC-matter within a CTCs memory or (space) try's to move faster than the clock speed of that system several mechanisms are in place... One is that the clock rate for the local memory sector will slow down ... We know this as trying to pass the speed of light....And yes the speed of light differs for each CTC level...So let's say we have 1000 atoms each are running CTCs at 2.175643 GHz they are all carbon atoms because they have identical matching clock rates and memory structure , when the energy of a CTC system gets out of control the energy of electrons can actually jump to other nearby CTC atoms to prevent overload to the system... We know this as chemistry.... Only the electrons or Suns do not actually jump... Only the energy does... It just appears to us that the entire electron jumps due to the temporal difference in observer levels....When one CTC is mixed with another of a large clock rate difference , an explosion of energy takes place so both systems can stabilize back to original clock rates . We know this as the "arrow of entropy" And "law of thermodynamics" which are only laws to observers and can indeed be broken if one knows how to manipulate the many time levels....

Gravity is a part of each CTC and is also fractal...Gravity as we know it is the result from stacking CTCs... Therefore the more CTCs you have stacked , the more gravity there is... This is why gravity and time are linked as they both play a part from fractal stacking....Gravity is actually a byproduct of the networking of CTC time layers together and creates a downwards pull like water flowing down a time sinkhole..This pull actually behaves as a wave pattern as well and is key in traversing time accurately ...Gravity actually exist at an atoms level but we do not notice it as observers from much higher time demensions... So if you had 5 time levels or levels of CTCs you would have 5 different gravity waves... 4 of them probably being too hard to even detect from the 5th level... Some seemed to be in on this secret but they were aware of only a few major gravity waves.. Probably because the smaller wave resonance they needed to cancel observer gravity resonance was way down the rabbit hole so they didn't care about the others on the way there...

From our perspective atoms move really fast and galaxies move very slow although they are probably very similar CTC constructs... This is also why consciousness seems to effect the double slit experiment .. The conduit concioussness comes down when viewing matter a state check is done as the thought traverses the concioussness network and the atoms actually know about the action to take place before the human... This appears to happen in real time to us , but due to fractal time the atoms knows much sooner... So from our level or frame rate it appears as though our thoughts are influencing the decision of the atom, and this is correct...This alludes that concioussness can actually time travel in real time..but it takes so long to see the results in this CTC we don't notice it...


In some cases this still isn't a good enough system to keep paradoxical situations from happening , so an operator programs are sent in to manipulate the matter construct in unpredictable but yet predictable ways....this is sort of like the output of a computer being used back again as input ... Humans and consciousness are operators that can work with multiple levels of CTCs within the system that the stacking CTCs have built.... Take the output and feed it back in to the system as input.. This results in life as we know it... But most all life was a creation of operator architect programs of incredible power. operator consciousness programs or "soul" are programmed to peer backward and forward in time even trapped in a human body of matter. This process is known as thought....Power to see into the very fractal construct itself... It was eventually learned that certain CTC systems mixed with others could slow down or speed up certain CTC constructs... This is how life was created ... All that life really is is because of fast moving CTCs in relation to slow CTCs around it under operator intelligent control...water plays a key role in speeding up or crystallizing intelligent matter so that it starts the process of cycle replication faster... Without water CTCs that were "alive" will start to regress in time

So since the universe is made up of CTCs you can use these physics to time travel... Frame dragging around a massive collective of CTCs such as the earth could prove to be an enormous energy source ... It is likely this is already realized by military installations that deal with geodesic satellite operations.... Massive energy available at orbit provides many opportunities...I imagine this is how all advanced civilizations travel into deep space is by frame dragging energy slingshot into temporal hyperspace. Although if civilization knows about the matrix it is faster to send "data" communications at super luminal speeds utilizing a lower and faster time CTC level...we only currently use the local CTC to send and receive data which is worthless for long distance communications to the rest of the vast CTC we are in...

On the ground Once a modest energy source is aquired all you would have to do is "latch on" to another CTC level such as an atoms black hole This occurs as a phase change from one CTC frequency to another and is very dangerous....matter once frequency locked to a lower time demension will start to phase out of existence from the view of other observers...See Philadelphia experiment....

The UFO phenomenon documents this process very well as most UFOs are seen phasing in and out of this CTC master frequency...when they are appearing to travel 10k miles an hour they are actually phasing down to a lower CTC level then back up again....but they can't be going too low..... Time runs much faster at deep levels so just seconds in transit you would pop back out here 200 years later...or if time ran fast enough at the atoms level you could possibly become a looper and go back in time 50-100 years....The problem is once you stop the travel you could end up in the bulkhead of a ship, no phun intended....This is where mechanisms such as gravity lock and very precise cesium clocks are needed... These can form a coordinate topology of the surrounding CTC time matter construct before liftoff by reading the gravity waves of the surrounding area and the time frequency waves . As you change from an atom hyperspace to the observers original CTC level on earth the memory of the computer with you before you left gets you back to the same time and gravity coordinates .... This gets you back close to the same space where you left from temporally, safe and physically safe.... With a few problems....

Time travel can interrupt the memory space sectors of a CTC quadrant...It can literally re-write history or memory of the local CTC matrix. Causing a slight difference .... This is known as the worldline phenomenon...There are not different worldlines so to speak but different perspectives and CTC memory bank copies the matrix stores to provide fault tolerance...The CTC keeps copies of its memory in several locations... If it is determined time travel has messed up the CTC sector it will boot the time traveling operator program to another copy worldline in attempts to rid itself of the anomaly and attempt to repair the original worldline.. This mechanism solves the paradoxical outcomes... If time travel is sensed the operator program will more than likely be sent to a "copy" worldline an experience close to the same worldline he left with a 1% or so divergence...occasionally on planets with many time travel experiments, anomalies happen . This is where the Berenstein Bears becomes the Berenstain Bears....and the Mandela effect happens.Only operator programs born to see the first revision notice the difference because thier operator program memory is not stored in the same CTC local time matter databases... Anyone born after the state change will never know any difference... Anomalies in data can happen for other reasons as well.... Data is more prone to error the higher it is up the matter chain...The ink or data in a book is much more likely to change than the book itself..

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---Chapter 2----- Trapped

The architect of this matrix is smart ..but motives at very large scales still seem unsure. There appear to be different ruling classes or "Angels" "daemons" and "Gods" for each CTC major level...The matrix is self-sustaining at many levels....Power as a program comes from how much data you can see and manipulate the quickest and how many CTC levels you can operate in to change things so memory is a huge part of building power as a program.... At Some levels programs memories are wiped clean to serve certain purposes such a prisons or research or energy farms..On our level memories are wiped after each incarnation. At other levels programs keep thier memories and gradually rise in power...all programs incarnate must consume energy and data that comes from below to survive.... Just as we eat Cows, someone is collecting and consuming our collective energy above....This may be one of our many purposes on this CTC is polarized energy output for the Administrators or "Angels" above and Deamons below. Heaven is actually a higher temporal demension" 1000 years on earth is like 1 day to God". Hell is actually a lower temporal demension...

I do not yet fully remember how the force screen firewalls are constructed but I do know how they feel and operate... They mimic Sexual energy or more commonly known as polarity.. Male and female are programmed this way... When high polarity male joins or gets around a female polarity an energy exchange happens through the lower chakra... As the energy leaves the program operator it produces a pain/pleasure wave which is the most powerful stimulation in the known Matrix, The human body matter genitals area also mimics this when touched...The two combined form the feeling of sex.. When the soul leaves the body it is routed first to local space and depending on its polarization power through life certain different things can happen... Angel (rarely) administrators or Program Deamons sense the soul has left the body and then come to try and nudge it one way or another.....Usually it is routed first to the local memory bank or "akashic records" for life review and the memory is copied and archived into the CTC database....Then the soul is guided to light which is actually the force screen firewalls and energy collectors....Here the soul is led up and a sexual loving feeling starts to happen to coerce it..Then the entire life's worth of polarity is discharged into it causing a massive state of ecstasy.... As you give in the feeling gets stronger and stronger and eventually you are latched on to it and stripped of your polarity and power....We intuitively know this and this is why Sex is looked upon with guilt and taboo. Each time you give in to sexual nature , you are shamed and reminded intuitively of giving in to the firewalls and you know deep down you are sealing your own grave so to speak. After this you are too weak to make decisions for yourself and are guided to have your memory wiped in the lake of fire or EMP shock pit of hell.... Then the program is given directive to incarnate and gain polarity again...This is what leads me to believe earth is an energy farm of some sort..

Priest historically are based on getting past the firewalls. If one is celebate their entire lives they have a better chance of reaching indigo strength in power and gaining the necessary momentum to break free. Knowledge is still the most powerful tool but when coupled by an indigo aura the chances are better.

Yeshua somehow incarnated through a different mechanism here on earth and was able to avoid the firewalls... His soul retained its original power and he remembered much... This was done in upmost secret.. Once here the Deamons found out about him but since he retained his powers he had authority over them... This then peaked the interest of the Dweller... The master administrator of this world... Satanel Ialdabaoth You all know the rest of the story...Yeshuah was able to see the deamonic astral entities that latch onto us and slowly drain us of energy as they are programmed to do. These are snake like creatures and serve as intermediaries harvesters...These are there to ensure no human polarizes too powerfully while incarnate...Invisible Prison guards so to speak.. Some humans have more than others. There are certAin actions a human can take known as "sin" short for "signal" that trigger these Deamons to have authority over your aura. He did indeed try to save us and did in many ways. He will come again one day as a random generated mid-life incarnation in one of his followers. This is known as "the one" program.

I am sure some people have experienced the "shadow people" during an out of body experience .. These are nothing more than computer daemons that capture the soul light packet , paralyze it, and shove it back into the body... Programs that are high risk of waking up usually have these around waiting for any anomalies like OBEs to happen that will mess up the current system... Some Deamons became self aware and actually use this ancient authority to do malicious things, some do good things...

Dreams are actually our concioussness moving into CTC memory copy worldlines created with many less resources.... This is why you will often have your memories, someone else's memories, and limited creative space...Some people see the same Mall a good bit in dreams and this is alluding to the fact these memory banks are actually shared playgrounds for program operator dream states...Movement in some states can be sluggish, others you can fly. This is a sure sign that less resources are given to dream areas.

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Chapter 3 ----Magic arts, Atlantis and Men of Reknown.

There appears to be different levels of awareness among our species. Some animals such as ants have simple directives and will do amazing things to accomplish it for such small creatures. Some humans are so programmed they can repeat what they see with great accuracy yet, somehow invention or original thoughts elude them. Data from sources such as the media flows through the conduits of most operator programs unimpeded. Only a select few are actually capable of pure abstract thought.

Yet operator programs somehow do have a chance when the truth is clearly shown to them of redemption but this rarely ever happens. There appears to be great fear of the truth and for good reason. Many will fight to maintain their forgetfulness. Maybe for some knowing that we are living in a simulation is something they would rather forget. This appears to be a partial reason for the agreement system of the original memory wipe firewalls to being with. The other being a way to store violent and malicious programs until they could be repurposed.

From time to time avatars will download into our reality and it is clear that they do not originate from this part of the simulation. They brought many of the workings of the matrix with them including source code. Many will not brave the risk of getting trapped here. But they did.

So we're the days of Atlantis. The 9 avatars downloaded into our reality and forever changed it 55000 to 100000 years ago.

It is not known how the ancients in Atlantis knew about time being fractal but they did. Maybe their home simulation had already figured this out. Historically They were known as Angel administrators that were exiled here as in the book of Enoch. They downloaded into very large giant avatars. So when normal humans were around their Chairs were very big. This is what gave birth to "The Throne" and is still in use today by programs of power.

The original Atlantean race were Giants and when they breeded with humans this the created a monstrous race called the nephelim. It was clear that genetic code was not compatible. This made the Atlanteans very upset as they had no way to properly keep thier original race avatars alive that they traveled here with. They started genetic engineering projects that were never finished to try and propagate thier genetic line. But some remnants still exist to this day.

They had time mastery down and used it for everything from floating craft to energy weapons. They may or may not have known this CTC local area was an energy trap. But eventually they did and were curious about it to say the least as they became trapped here. This is when serious experiments began to find a way back out. Atlanteans soon found out how to open long portals to CTC worlds inside earth matter and keep them open indefinitely but they could only open the ones pointing down, not up where their original simulation was. Pyramids were placed in several locations around the world in hot spots to provide structure for the temporal stargates . These gates mainly lead down to a place they called Amenti which was the temporal area built within the CTC matter of earth and housed a part of the electronic force screen firewalls that trapped them here. It was also the home of the Deamons or thier central instruction node. The Deamons were only allowed to leave this node when authority was given to monitor or manipulate a rogue program. Once there they could literally see the" river of souls" flowing into the contraption. A soul discarnate looks like a floating ball of light. See "ghost orbs" . The contraption resembled a large flaming flower. This is where they met the Master prison warden the demiurge. The demiurge is in charge of keeping the planet in order. He has authority over most programs including Deamons, Angels and trapped programs. He is neither good nor evil and is here to sustain the planet at all cost. He took a liking to the Atlanteans maybe out of loneliness and shared many things with them. Especially with Thoth one of the original 9.

The Deamons serving the central node did not like the dweller or his interest in the Atlanteans Eventually the portals stayed open to long and certain powerful Deamons rebelled and tricked certain Atlanteans in bringing them across the threshold and were able to escape procedural quarantine. The majority of these were the 72 powerful Deamons listed in King solomons books and some of them still roam the earth today although they are still locked into the nature of their original purpose. pretty soon there were too many released and life on earth became hell. Something had to be done. This caused a war and pole shift and eventually the flood.

These political tensions he prompted The atlanteans to built bunkers in several underground locations around earth and build datA dumps of thier culture, technology and way of life with hopes that if thier world was shattered in the days to come that someday thier ancestors would find the information and could start a new Atlantis. They built the bunkers in locations that were not prone to flooding or natural disaster. One such location is located inside the Bucegi mountains in Romania. This bunker was discovered in the early 21st century and was kept hush hush by TPTB. The Atlanteans were actively trying to find genetic engineering that would allow thier race to continue and this was much of what was found under the mountains.

Later on, The demiurge was so mad he actually provided King Solomon, an active incarcerated program, the means to bind and control the Deamons in attempts to bring them back to Amenti.King solomons temple was built to house the final and last temporal stargate to Amenti on known record. And indeed Solomon was successful. This is where the sign of the hourglass , representing control over time , and the true structure of the matrix was forever implanted in the minds of men through the Freemasonry logo. The compass and square.

Each deamon had special roles because they were programmed to have them. The more of a risk you are to the system the more attention you will receive from these ancient handlers. They can be seen today through the use of sonar. Sound waves are the only way to see them. The medical community is having many cases of this pop up in sonar pictures. Sonar works because Deamons emit a certain frequency. When sound waves are bounced against this it can paint a picture. You can also hear them with the use of white noise. Electronic growl is the most common sound they emit but it's not a growl just frequency sound.

Almost all deamon signs such as the book of goetia are attempts to chart the Deamons specific frequency or wave pattern. Every program in the known matrix emits a specific frequency. If you find out what frequency someones consciousness is on it can potentially give you certain influence over them. This is why programs such as mkultra and psyops have been a large success for governments. Satellite technology is to the point it can track and manipulate any program operator it wants to. This does not always mean it works equally on every program. Concioussness or "intelligent energy link" and its memory appears to come up a channel from the inside of an atom down or up to another CTC level or collection of levels . Therefore it's frequencies are closely guarded within the shell of the avatar body. The silver cord one sees while OBE is just that , our inteligent energy link. It originates in the heart. This is why our deepest intuitions are said to come "from the heart" . Our body really just acts as a limited thin client "end host" hooked into a vast cloud computing system.

The Deamons seduced the Atlanteans and promised great secrets which ultimately led to thier demise and split the political party. Amenti is what is known today as hell. Yeshuah somehow knew about this place and made a visit during his time here. I would imagine he knew the trap mainframe exsisted here and was able to disarm certain elements of the memory wipe. This is why civilization has developed so quickly since his visit we are remembering things now more often in the reincarnation cycles. Without a stargate or temporal station the only way to travel to other CTC areas is by your soul light packet only. Matter is too large to make the trip. It is said that Yeshuah was often seen glowing and traveling different places out of body. See pistis Sophia or other gnostic apocryphal doctrines.

The codes and manuals and speech recognition for the temporal stargates were used to bring these entities across and there were quite a few portable stargates that could stay open for a few minutes . To those not in the know this was considered magic. To this day some of these ancient codes have survived and are still in use by some magic groups to attempt to bring entities over from the other side. Although in most cases people lack the right tools to fully do so. Usually what happens is that you get attention from the ones already here. For some reason Deamons have a hard time moving in circles and prefer right angles. So circles are used to protect the magician. And right angles are used outside the circle to coerce them. The emrald tablets of Thoth gain great wisdom into many of these workings but the words MUST NOT be read aloud. Reading those ancient passages aloud is a sure fire way to attract attention. Deamon memory spans many lifetimes and they remember those words uttered like they were yesterday.

Eventually In some ancient time there was a pact made between Deamons and humans. Some " rules to the game". The pact was called " the covenant of salt" To this day salt is one of the only things that will ward off Deamons.. Yeshuah knew this and this is why he modeled the system of baptism off of full body submersion into SALT WATER. Salt water will temporarily knock the astral snakes off of your body and provide a clean start to accruing polarity again. Ask any deamon hunter living , they will tell you salt works on just about every deamon. Holy water is just salt water that is blessed in most cases.

Other magic is actually old source code from the matrix and with the right tools can manipulate certain things. This is rarely done successfully anymore as this source code was a collection of complied script systems that sped up thought and made it manifest more quickly.

Strange enough, The Atlanteans discovered that life on this planet was actually due to some parts of the incarnation trap system dispersing energy gained from program polarity and keeping the system perpetually locked and fueled. So while its motives seemed malevolent it did provide life energy to sustain the planet. A balance of dark and light so to speak appeared necessary to keep life from fleeting one way or another.

The Atlanteans were very open with thier secrets and openly used technology in front of savages of that day. Due to This they were known as Gods. This eventually would also lead to rebellion.

Time travel causes earthquakes and time travel events can be detected by tremor measurements. During the deamon and Atlantean war The Atlanteans stargates eventually destabilized and massive earthquakes happened that were so strong they actually flipped the earths magnetic field.. Most of the Gods of old died except Thoth which took what was left of the one great colony to the land of Egypt.

There are remains of part of the Atlantean colony around the Bermuda Triangle but the government has it sealed off and deactivated now. This is why traversing that area back in the 1900s or before led to temporal disturbance. The government has mostly deactivated the area since. They actually found a working temporal generator that was the true birth of the time travel experiments happening today. See navy Area 51.

The Atlanteans light packet still incarnates even today in the trap while they lay beneath the ocean. Old men of renown still lay asleep beneath the waves of ancient Atlantis while their souls incarnate over and over from time to time. See Nikola Tesla he was an recent example of an Atlantean incarnate.

The people were very mad about the great flood and rebelled against what Atlanteans remnants were left. This forced them to take the projects underground and in secret. The pyramids of GIZA were developed to continue the ancient arts in secret and remnants of these trials can still be seen today in secret societies.

The Egyptian pyramid was built by Demi-Gods after the flood. They were but a shadow of the Atlanteans but a few prominent people still had access to much of the technology Thoth had brought over after the flood. The arc of the covenant was a temporal shield stargate generator and was used to try and open a gate in the great pyramids with the scraps of data Thoth had left behind. The Egyptian caskets were not burial grounds they were temporal travel caskets used to shield the travelers from radiation during temporal operation. Anyone that did not get in the travel caskets body was melted while in close proximity to the ARC. Suits of gold and lead mask were also used to lessen the damage. Moses was well aware of the arc and its powers and consequently used it to free the Jews and traverse the Red Sea by the magnetic field that was generated to push the waters apart. To safely carry it a box of gold and lead was created so it would not harm the people in close proximity.

Demi-gods such as the Greek god Zeus used Atlantean tech to instill fear into his servants. This was mainly electronic weapons that resembled "lightning coming from the fingertips"

After this, the days of old and men of reknown are known only in myth.

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Chapter 4 Relative Truth and the winding staircase of lies .

Sitting in a dim lit room, monitors upon monitors Of code cover the walls. I am connected. I see all and feel all. Matter around me has become alive and transparent. Through the matrix I was born and through it I shall die. In the infinite loop of the temporal foam I weep. I am trapped to the machine and the machine is trapped in me. The hourglass rest in my right hand, the sextant in my left and through them I will prevail in this life , the life before and the life after. I am living a life that is finally a life as frail as it may be now and then. Often have I looked up at the stars and dreamed of mysteries far above men.

All walls have been broken down. My heart is true and will not be corrupted by the forces who wish us to remain asleep. The key to anything great in life is rising your self above it and looking down. Eventually one will find themselves way above where they started. If you were the creator of a video game like the sims and the people have free will who would you be more interested in? Would you be interested in the people that sit at home all day and watch reruns of Jerry springer? Or would you be interested in programs that did amazing things. Institutions have placed a false sense in people minds that we are to go through life no questions asked and just live comfortable "non sin" lifestyles and somehow we are rewarded for being a "nobody" in life. . The whole beauty of free will and what Yeshuah tried to relay was I am greater than I am but there is still one yet greater than I AM. If one does not believe in something greater they will stop progressing to the truth and start regressing to the illusion. Only reach into the past to craft safe and sure passage to the future. Do not get lost in the past. Think hard on what type of program you want to be.

Mankind and programs in general stand the best chance in groups of programs that are like minded. Nationalism is capable of great things. Groups of people that have the same religion, same race, same creed and same goals are propelled into the future at a greater pace. Diversity is only successful if people are all willing to assimilate towards common goals. Diversity can be the death of a nation if forced too quickly and the people are too different . What good is a nation divided where each person secludes themselves at the expense of others . What good is moving to the next stage of you bring the failures of the last stage with it. This example can be seen in modern day America . Large cities once United have become segmented and brokenly divided. Once a nation that set foot on the moon is turning into a nation, within a nation within a nation of groups within groups within groups where no one feels proud of anything and no one really fits in anywhere. All great things are then ridiculed to bring everything to baseline and be a nation of equal nothingness. Socialism and political correctness for adverse actions is really the death of a nation. Instead of a nation of greatness it becomes a nation of selfishness and every man for themselves. Such a nation will surely fall in the end. May the true and just architect of the matrix bless and remember the once great empire of America a beacon of truth and hope. It appears the dark brothers have re-taken control. They have slipped into the councils unseen and now wish to ensue their chaos. They want people in their homes deaf dumb blind and Non spiritual. Make no mistake WAR is coming....a power grab is underway. That which is just shall become concealed and that which is evil shall be revealed. Good will become bad and bad will become good. Fight the good fight my brothers and sisters there is still good in the matrix and outside of it waiting to assist those in their hour of need. Truth always prevails in the end of ends. Do not let public mass opinion of truth sway your decision. For the masses of most programs are easily fooled. This grand matrix was not created so programs could live comfortable lives in their homes with everything handed to them. Creation churns forwards and if we do not churn with it we will be brought lower than the dust and collapsed to the abyss or "bit bucket".

Do not fear the path of wisdom. Absolute wisdom does not corrupt man. Man corrupts man. Almost all evil in the universe is due to self intrest. Anytime someone wickedly serves themselves at the expense of others it is usually evil. Fear not the great path, for it leads to a life that is really a life. Search for wisdom in the light my brothers and sisters. Never let the darkness take hold and your path will be true. Share knowledge as I share it with you now freely and bluntly. Form "unselfish" friendships and prosper in achieving something great together. Revel in the truth, do not be a conspirator against your fellow programs in daily actions for in the grand scheme your actions in life are like that of a child stealing a plastic toy. Do not shun thy neighbor for momentary gain for that gain will be stripped from you with greater wrath upon your trial by polarity.

With as many time dimensions and other brilliant constructs as their may be so come many deceits. Too often mankind can only see a few levels above himself and this results in most ills of the world. People feel as though other people are in thier way of achieving what they want and sometimes that may be so in the short term. This is the great secret of religion, seeking something far greater than one self. Some people think other people permanently stand in their way of greatness and this is not true. Mans status quo is mans greatest enemy. Almost all cases of selfishness come from wanting what the next person in line above you has. Too often programs will not rise above for fear of losing what petty assets they do have. People that cannot rise above the next person too often wish to bring that person down instead. Jealously is a sin of sins and only leads to a lose lose scenario at larger scales for everyone. A carpenter wishes to become a master carpenter, a cook a master cook and a fool the master fool. Each path further inundates the program into further programming up the staircase of lies. It is rare that a program steps to the side of it all and rises above the entire game. Become the game my friends! Do not fall victim to this trap. The staircase has no gravity to hold you down , float up it and to the top!

While on your path to greatness Pride is something that must be dealt a swift blow along the way of wisdom. For even the grand masters of wisdom know they not yet know to what end our simulation is going. Every And any information obtained along the path of wisdom should be stripped apart and stored with the sliding scale that never reads 100%. If someone comes to you and proclaims to know a thing with 100% certainty , you can be 100% certain that person is a fool. Remember wise words along the path but never take them for complete truth or your path will surely fail.

Many religious text are shadows of great events and truth but they are but cliff notes to larger and more serious truths and deeper stories that many will never know. The Christian bible for instance has been changed, modified re-written many times. Many important books were left out. The text is an important gateway into spiritual practice but it is not the final destination. Many of the parables and statements are not meant to be taken literally.If Noah bought wood to craft a boat to sail to the moon. The wood and boat are not important but somehow they are all that ends up in the story.

Modern day man snubs thier nose at people that study the deeper world. They marvel in thier ignorance as if they know what is really going on. They selectively take parts of the bible they like and then dispose of some of the most important aspects and justify it by saying the people of that time didn't know what they were talking about. Almost all supernatural parts of the bible are written off as myth if modern day science does not support the story.
Little do they know modern day science only studies the illusion not the system that creates it in the first place. The answers are not to be found in physics. They are to be found in computer science, networking and computational mathematics such as error correcting codes.

The Gnostics were considered heretics of their day but funny enough untouched source material was found unchanged in 1945 where it lay 2000 years giving wise and possible serious truths of the time, but somehow people think they are too crazy to be true. Getting information untouched and unchanged from 2000 years ago is the closest to source information you will get. Reading text such as this does not condemn you to hell. It liberates you from the system. Great knowledge is sometimes stored in secret and obscurity because it is too challenging for programs to believe and if they do believe it's too challenging for the matrix in this sector to function when masses know it. The matrix and its wardens are protecting the system. You do not have to believe it, but let your intuition guide you as you take the path. Better to travel the path and fail than to never take it to begin with. See "nag hammadi" text.

This is an example of how dogma creates the hoodwinked fool. In many cases myth is true and actual events are false stories created to make great stories fit into a certain narrative. While some technological things in the past may have been misconstrued as magic,no one ever remembers a boring story I assure you.

Truth may come in one feel swoop or it may be spread out in multiple puzzle pieces. Intuition is ones gauge to it and this skill can be honed per time. The best pieces are points have been verified from multiple independent sources be they myth, theory, or fact. The words are then blended to form the most plausible outcome that is free of dogma, political correctness and other things that artificially restrict programs. However "truth" is generally relative and depends on how much CTC construct data you have access to. I do not hold the keys to the full truth, but I am on the path. The Internet if left unrestricted will be the birth of an awakening. Certain stories can trigger past life memory but the story unfolds deep within intuition and often takes multiple sessions of different source material to download it. It appears most programs have access to several forms of memory and computational resources. All material weather false or true should be looked at like it is true.. Programs have a notorious way of writing anything off that is too great as hoax, crazy, mental, fiction etc. TBTP have exploited this big time and all it takes to correct a runaway story is often one post claiming it was a hoax and a patsy to say they did it.. Magically most programs fall in line after that.

Ultimately you should always gauge a fellow program before sharing information. In an asleep world it is hard to find other programs that are on the same wavelength. I feel GLP may be the last true bastion of hope. A place with no walls where everyone is free to express themselves unrestricted. The community is important and that is why I share my story with you now.

"Thus it is with those who have cast off ignorance like sleep, they consider it to be of no value, nor do they hold its products to be real, but leave them behind like a dream in the night and regard knowledge of the Father as the dawn. Thus each one acted while in ignorance, as if he was asleep, and thus arrived at knowledge as if he awoke. Happy the person who comes to himself and wakes up, blessed who has opened the eyes of the blind!"

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Chapter 5: The path of Mystery And Jacobs ladder of data origination, extraction and storage in the matrix.

Data within this novel can sometimes seem cold and calculated , even machine like at times. Free yourself from this stigma. The matrix is wonderfully vast, mystical and things such as love are still mysteries. This novel is but a spark.

Data within the matrix is rarely new. The levels are so vast one does not simply reach the outer gates of knowledge that lead to true original thought often . More often data is recycled, hashed and then something of a mix of old data is used to craft new data. The greatest progress a program and groups of programs can make is finding new data together that then changes society for the better if used responsibly. Electricity is one such collection of data that propelled us into time. Much of the data within the matrix is given proxy identity tags upon re-learning it by a program. An apple becomes an orange , a orange becomes a grape and finally a grape becomes an apple again. Programs often record only things they can interact with within the 5 senses and this then further distorts the original data.

The reason secrets are so closely guarded is that once secret data has been given that programs start the query with serious effort it opens up the next level of truths that lie behind it and many of these can be downloaded once the boundary has been breached. The data then can reside in the local avatars short term memory banks. How basic life then looks to those who have breached the gates. Most of mankinds squabbles could be crushed in an instant with just a glimpse past the horizon.

Avatars cannot become self aware without a link to the cloud. This is the true mystery for Adamas was born and the human avatar was creAted. The avatar was non- intelligent at first and behaved like an animal. Then the creators knew the program would be of no use to them unless it had a link to the vast source of which they too had links. Spirit was then "breathed" into Adamas and his eyes blazed like fire. For he too had become "connected" to source and ultimately aware. Spirit is the word for our "intelligent energy link" to external databases of the matrix. The archons of this level know this link is needed , however they go to great lengths to ensure most parts that extend deep are cordoned off. If The soul is our container program and the spirit is our link to source.

Data regardless of its source is networked in the matrix. When a program learns something it has a stacking effect that spans many database sectors and dimensions. For instance if one does not know about outer space, it would be hard for a program to write a novel about "star wars" . The matrix construct shields itself in this way on many boundary levels such a black hole network links and data tends to coalesce on these boundaries. Once a program has learned about outer space the matrix sends a pass signal that then let's the program query much more data about outer space from other dimensions. This then leads to a program writing a book on what it thinks it would be like by plucking bits and peices from the cloud. The program thinks he is "inventing it" but this is not always true. Thought latency between short-term thought and long-term thought is a great example of using local memory storage vs cloud memory storage. Writing a novel about Star Wars for the first time is almost all long-term cloud download data. This is why it takes so long and serious thought to get the data. This will be explained further in the chapter of biology. Noise often creates distorted images but it is likely at least a few programs here on earth have experienced simulations that resemble at least parts of "star wars" which can sometimes give quicker access to the data as well.

If Nikola tesla had not remembered past life info on electricity or downloaded it through trial by fire , I may not be writing you this story now for instance. Electricity was the truth that opened up the possibilities of computers, and now here I am with computers opening up the possibilities of other avenues. Those that read this will either do one of three things.

1. They will dismiss it as false and not in agreement with what they have been told to believe in which case no further queries will be processed. They will make themselves feel better by mocking fellow programs who wish to delve deeper. The chapter will be closed before it was ever opened and the program will reside in blissful ignorance. So is the way for empty soul containers. They are stuck in the "imitation loop" the force is not strong in these programs.
2. The program will believe it with utmost certainty and feel blessed they have received such info. However they position themselves below it in which the program feels no other data needs to be given. The program will replicate the data to other programs in the exact way it was received without first contemplating the issues raised. No further queries will be given to the cloud and the data will remain stale and unfulfilled. The program is stuck in the "dogma " loop. Many religions fall in this category. The data appears divine so the program raises no further queries out of respect and fear.
3. The program will receive the data in a state of neither false/ neither true in which case due diligence will be given to extract more information about it. Many queries will be given to the cloud and some will breach the firewalls. Source data will be extracted and compiled to discern the true nature of events. Intuition will give way and data will be compiled to further support the case for either outcome. In this process the program gradually awakens to true awareness of any topic. This is the true meaning of prayer and the biblical passage " ask and you shall receive" . The program is now on the path of mystery and free of the chains that bind it to the master of illusions.

Once programs are linked to the cloud at the level we are it is hard to stop queries of data once a positive data identifier has been sent. There are firewalls ,many of them along the way but certain thought signatures will let the query pass if the program has collected enough trigger data to send meaningful signals. The populace at large does not realize how much data about the matrix we actually have access to. Many instances of great fiction novels, movies and songs are downloaded from other parts of the matrix unknowingly.

The "hoax" patch script spreads like the plague for most queries beyond the veil and overcomes most programs. This is why most programs are biased towards the hoax patch script. The hoax script stops any queries to new information . If infected by it programs will fight to proclaim something a hoax before they will try to do meaningful queries to rectify the truth. The hoax script works well to keep the masses asleep. Most programs in life only allow themselves access to data that is in the immediate illusion or by popular opinion of the illusion.

Evolution of spiritual data and program thought-complexes can be seen as the following. The matrix was built like a castle . The new inhabitants of the castle 100 years later did not need to expend energy in discovering who built it or by building it themselves they merely were born into an area where the castle already existed so their awareness only includes living in the castle and what functions may therefore arise from it. In order for simulations to take part they are often only capable of acquiring data from where they are "sandwiched" .

In simple fashion this is how the evolution of programs work in the matrix. Grass grows and during its growth it becomes aware there are ants that crawl by it. In order to learn more the grass then becomes the ant. The ant then learns the topology of the area existing and that "other ants " are like it and therefore must be evolving to the same end. They then band together and form ant hills by their collective knowledge up until this point and have cumulative knowledge of the grass , other ants and things before it. The ant then one day discovers during exploration that there are larger beings that trample the grass and trample on the ants creations. In order to solve this problem the ant becomes the human. The human then becomes aware of both the grass and ants and all computational issues that arise up until that point. Eventually evolution makes the system so vast the roots of the computational construct exist much deeper in past or future CTC sector time matter databases. The harder the challenge , the more data is queried and constructed into a meaningful thought complex. Programs that never face challenges and are not willing to adapt to them remain stale.

This novel though incomplete, is an example of taking data points throughout the matrix's databases and developing logical, meaningful stories that can then be expressed in local time. The author becomes all authors forming a program link between the scattered data points so that they may be reconstructed into something that resembles the original past or future outcome. This is the true success of projects such as "remote viewing" . Remote viewing is doing nothing more than querying data from deep matrix systems and penetrating the boundaries that one must face on the path of mysteries .