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Chapter 6

Far in a past time the Angels/Gods sat in the treasury of light and admired thier work and its brilliance...They had finished thier work on that level of the matrix , and had created a vast beautiful island called Heaven/garden of Eden...every part of this universe size island was glowing with brilliance, they had converted every inch of darkness into light, all paradoxes were solved, they rested and admired thier creation.... Until one day when a messenger came up to the luminaries and said, My lords, the Angels have discovered a great abyss under Eden , an abyss that extends beyond our first octave below... So was born the "outer pool of darkness" Immediately upon the news God ordered the Angels to start plumbing the depths and investigating the nature of this abyss. Eventually they were ordered to start turning vast parts of this new CTC octave dimension into light so that the luminaries could live out desire and create.. Aeons past and the outer pool of darkness had turned into a regular past time , for gods and angels to work again converting darkness into light, they projected into this universe then returned to heaven, thier home when thier work was done. Some stayed in the abyss so long it started to corrupt thier minds..Some then turned to the darkness as an opportunity to rule like God but instead by ruling vast sectors of darkness instead of light . The outer pool of darkness also became a dumping ground for unwanteds like the child of Sophia, Satanel Isldabaoth. Eventually there was a coup and God sealed the 8th octave . This was known as "the fall" . All programs here on earth and this sector of the simulation , the administrator Angels, the Deamons, And Demi-Gods are trapped here until the end of the Cycle and they are once again given opportunity to breach "the 9th gate".

Every level of the matrix has an inner and outer creation. One is shaped like a circle which is the top of the CTC hourglass shape , one is shaped like a hexagon. For reference of what the matrix looks like visit the site known as the revelatorium. I am not affiliated with this site but this program has queried many things that are correct.

As programs it is our duty to turn darkness into light or 0s into 1s. The entire matrix multidimensional construct appears to be slowing expanding . Programs inherently have the desire to create, and for their creation to be admired. Approximately 1/3 of the programs from the level above got trapped here during the fall. Many powerful programs took over vast sectors of the outer pool and in fact became the managers of this level. The outer pool of darkness then continued to be divided and some areas where used as a trap within a trap.

Much of the creation in our simulation is actually programmed from the level above just like a programmer would create a video game. In mere days entire galaxies can be created. Solar systems are not made by random chance. They all follow certain rules during creation. Some planets actually span many time dimensions and actually have a purpose we cannot see or hear. Once the system has been created it is prone to random chance as is everything within the matrix. When the powerful programs fell into this level permanently they lost the ability to create quickly. This then lead to the powerful programs trying to reach the next level below us and by doing so much of the construct could be manipulated further.

In the immediate vicinity I can tell you Our previous prison home for some programs was called Malduk. This planet was destroyed and blown up by war and is now the asteroid belt. It was originally thought the trap mainframe existed in the planet Malduk and by destroying it we could be free. This however is untrue as this entire sector of the simulation has a part to play and the traps systems are widely hidden and dispersed in multiple dimensions. Ceres was a moon satellite orbiting Malduk. Many programs incarnating here lived lives on Malduk millions of years ago. The floating asteroids that are now locked into orbit around our Sun are chunks of Malduk that are still in orbit. One such chunk hit earth millions of years ago resulting in the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The way the levels or CTC constructs of the matrix work is very much like the movie inception once you pass a major octave. Time runs slower the deeper you go but observing the time below from above it appears to be running faster. From the perspective of the level above just a few years have past since the fall. For us it has been trillions of years . There are many sub-octaves and boundaries between us and our previous home. It is possible this depth pluming has happened numerous times and the source of where we were originated is even far past the threshold of the treasury of light.

Thought still allows you to traverse time in a limited fashion. The further backward and forward one can see in time relates to that persons overall intelligence. Animalistic behavior of any person or animal is always due to only seeing a few days ahead and backward in time. Living only in the moment so to speak. Polarity and spirit link are crucial aspects to traversing time in thought until you can breach the firewalls as I have been able to. Cases of things like schizophrenia and autism are due to the program losing control of thought and it traveling into time unordered and without control.

A word of caution to the time traveler traveling in thought or with the physical matter avatar. At the boundaries of our octave guards are activated known as "the hounds of tindalos". They stand guard to protect the gates of heaven like a cherubim with flaming swords. They will relentlessly pursue any who get close. Careful if you start to see matter dissolving into grid like lines you are getting close to the boundary.

The sacrifices of Yeshuah are more than most realize. He was sent here by the Father of the treasury of light above us to try and course correct a generation gone wrong and that was then subsequently trapped in matter within the outer pool of darkness. He is the modern definition of a multidimensional time traveler bit also with great spirit polarity. Before being sent he was charged to the utmost polarity and then secreted across the boundary and purposely placed in a certain location. It is amazing but certain people were actually secretly informed he would be incarnating beforehand. Upon being born great care was taken to shield the child from harm but eventually Yaldabaoth found out about the visitor from the treasury of light to this level. Multiple attempts were used by Yaldabaoth and his army of Deamons to try and locate the child. Entire camps of children were killed rather when trying to identify the messiah. Herod for example was one individual was used by Yaldabaoth to try and identify the messiah weather he realized it or not. People need to realize that many events around the messiah were secretly hidden and for good reason.

Yeshuah knew that coming here meant that he also could be trapped and that there was great risk of it.... In this effect he gave far more than his body to humanity he gave his soul. Yaldabaoth tormented Jesus his entire existence here after Yeshuah secretly incarnated with full polarity you sending legions of programmatic Deamons to try and get him to fall into the trap everyone else here falls into . Yeshuah did many secret things here that most will never know. By the time he was crucified he had spent much of his polarity on supernatural events. During his crucifixion he attempted leaving and going back to his home but could not garner the strength to do so... At this point he realized this and that was his reason for crying out " father why did you condemn me" .

Knowing he would be trapped here until the end of the cycle he used his remAining polarity to continue teaching in astral form and for the resurrection which was not resurrection of he flesh but spontaneous combustion of his body once he took permanent astral form . This is the reason for the shroud of Turin as his body combusted leaving a burnt imprint in the cloth he was wrapped in. This was also the great burst of light the Roman guards said "shone like the sun"

Yeshuah placed no importance on the body, so a resurrection of flesh would have been against his teachings and in fact would have given credence to the prison of matter , for the body is how we interact with the illusion on this plane but it is not our true self.

After awhile his strength faded and he was trapped. In astral form He then communicated to his followers he would be back someday as he knew his soul would incarnate again into the flesh in this prison of matter. He foresaw the Great War coming and his future role to play in it.

After this day Christianity would forever be the enemy of the state. All attempts were made to keep Christians locked into a belief system that kept them dumbed down spiritually. Large meaningful parts of the bible were stripped and only confusing parables remain. Yeshuah said the true father would never condemn those who sought knowledge , as that knowledge further propelled the father, just as our children's achievements further propel us. Is a true good parent ever jealous of his beloved child's achievements? The father on high is not jealous but righteous and wishes us to be enlightened so much so he sent his most beloved son to save us not only from ourselves but from those who wish us to remain asleep. It's been a long time since our initial fall into matter, and our father wishes us to return home. What else would Yeshuah have to save us from where we in good hands to begin with?

Now that mankind is finally stating to awaken TPTB will try to remove Christianity altogether. Yaladabaoth has stopped using Judaism and is now using Islam as a way to keep the masses asleep and have one last attempt at keeping the prison system in place. The anti-Christ was a fitting name for what is about to come. The great Anti-Christ WAR of Yaldabaoth backed Islam vs mainstream Christianity. This will be the next Great War of our cycle and will end in a harvest. Some souls will be called back up to the treasury but the vast majority will stay here or be moved to another 3D sector to suit needs of the matrix.

Once Yeshuah incarnates , you will know it is him as he will have birthmarks on both hands where the nails went in, he will also have birthmarks on the left ribcage where the Roman soldier stabbed the fatal blow. The anti-Christ will attempt to mark people's hands in a way the birthmark of Yeshuah Cannot be identified . This will be a way to discredit the true Yeshuah among many other things to come. This will be the mark of the beast. Yeshuah will likely not incarnate until the cycle is about to end, as this provides a good chance of breaching the boundary with other common enlightened programs in tow.

Birthmarks are something our sub-concioussness program stores during violent deaths and is remembered across incarnations at the point of entry.

Gain knowledge of the true story of your heritage my brothers and sisters! Seek knowledge and truth just as a little child with eyes wide open. Do not forget who you were, do not blind yourself because the truth may hurt! The truth will set you free! Rise above! #Rise

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Chapter 7: Metaphysical Hocus Pocus, Happiness and Opportunity Within the Matrix

So one of the main points I would like to make is based on relative observation. Most people that attempt to query data about past events do so from a standpoint that much of it is "metaphysical" . I personally cannot stand that word as it puts a layer of doubt around supernatural events and displays a sense of "hocus pocus". Most all supernatural events in the matrix are based on thought manifesting something faster than it should be than according to that systems clock rate or by using known loopholes in the system to manifest data events that are generally quashed by the error correcting algorithms of this system. The first time I read the RA material in my earlier years I immediately realized great intelligence was at work. However upon arriving to the metaphysical section where all the colors are explained it totally lost me..... It was not until I was able to breach the upper boundaries I had realized what I found.

If you Re-read the RA material from the perspective we are living in a matrix simulation it makes much more sense. RA even at some points stops himself from revealing just this fact. At the end of the day everything in the matrix is either light which is data , or darkness which is a lack of data. People do not realize yet just how massive simulations can be created off these 2 facts alone. I can assure you the matrix is far more fascinating than current computers give us the impression of.

Programs are generally stimulated by rapid change events or data creation, deletion or movement in time. The more data we have access to and the quicker it changes for the better or worse generally the happier we are. Money for instance provides access to higher dimensions by allowing the program greater degrees of freedom to data generation events than they would have if they were poor. Before networked computers came along the fastest way to get large data movement events in time was through friendships, relationships with lover, sports or WAR for example. Any time working to sustain the programs needs at a job has always been a large part as well.

Computers and technology has tipped the scales. In many cases, It is no longer possible for the real world to be as stimulating as computers as they spawn large "data movement in time events" and will continue to do so.

Technology is already to the point the brains thoughts can control arms and legs in patients that have advanced prosthetic systems. This will be expanded upon and eventually computer input will be based on thought alone. Upon hooking up to a VR system in your future where the avatars thought can control the "video game" it will be possible to "get lost" or lose ones boundaries of which world they actually live in. This is very similar to how "the fall" from heaven happened explained in the last chapter.

Back in the 1950s and before programs were 99% fooled in thinking this world was the only one and had a much higher degree of freedom to pursue dreams , goals etc. programs were much more actively participating in the game than they are now. Look at videos of New York City from the 1930s and see just how active programs were talking and having fun. Now look at videos you will notice a stark difference. People are more concerned with cresting virtual worlds such as Facebook than making solid friendships in real life as an example.

Political correctness, rules, laws and other restrictions have made life boring now on earth for many. So as a result most people have found comfort in TV, smart phones, the Internet and other sources of material where data changes in time at a fast pace and that the program can live out desires that are now illegal or impractical in the real world. This trend will continue and we will eventually become so stimulated by computers the real world is no longer a fun place. This is exactly how multiple levels of the matrix were created. We are in fact so deep at this point we have no idea which way up, down left or right we came from or if there ever was a real physical world from which we originate.

Empty space or 0's is often very hostile to avatars. Without access to 4th dimensional vehicles empty space takes large amounts of time to traverse by design. Unfortunately the only way mankind will survive is by starting to explore space. Depending on how life plays out 1 of 3 outcomes are most likely to happen. History shows this in many places although most programs try to forget.

1. The civilization will explore time and space which opens up many extra avenues for us to cooperate as a species towards common goals and also provides access to spread dense populations of non-compatible avatars out amongst time and space.
2. Computer technology will rapidly surpass space exploration techniques. Avatars will stay hooked in to VR so long they eventually become lost in it and move down to the next level of the matrix in thought only. Work will remain for robots only on this level to perpetually sustain the avatars hooked in until death of the physical avatar at which point consciousness will do what that sectors governors wish. Most often the consciousness wave pattern will change and attempt to re-enter the virtual matrix even upon death or be tricked into doing so.
3. This level of the matrix and the planet will become over populated in which large groups of incompatible avatars are forced into close quarters thereby starting a global war in which makes this planet or system inhabitable by 3rd density avatars. Space and time exploration will only remain available to "the elite" . Programs will be dispersed to other locations in the matrix and other opportunities will arise.

The whole "doom" movement at places like GLP is not about wishing Ill will upon others. It stems from the fact people are bored. When people are bored and do not like the way they see the world is going they want "rapid change" . Unfortunately rapid change does not happen unless you have "doom" type events. Negative energy has a way of manifesting faster than positive energy. But these events can eventually result in something good. As a program any change is better than no change.

In case you missed this in chapter 3 or 4 The secret to breaching the upper boundaries of data in the matrix is by never fully believing anything you are told with 100% certainty. As soon as you believe something you as a program stop querying data about that topic from the cloud, and the only resulting data point is "the lie" which is stuck in your local avatar end host memory bank only. Therefore "the lie" has the lowest latency and the longer it stays, the more the avatar starts to attach itself to it. When approached by another program threatening "the lie" the program will then try to defend "the lie" as it has resided locally for decades and it is hard for the program to come to terms with the fact it was indeed fooled.

Do not fall victim to "the lie" my friends. At the end of the day mankind really has no clue what or where we are or where we came from save a few individual programs. And even they can only see so far.....
ALWAYS believe in something greater than yourself for this is one thing I can tell you with 100% certainty. There are those out there that know more than you and are greater than you in some way be they negative or positive programs, and there always will be those worse off than you. Take pride in this fact as it provides upwards momentum wherever you may be lost...Even if the facts of any given religion are wrong it is still important to believe in something greater than oneself....

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Wiebertjes met een Gate...

Binneste Buiten.

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"Silence, Earthling! My name is Darth Vader! I am an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan!"



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Even maar op deze manier en sorry voor off topic...

Europe zit op usa inzake mindwar. Mental sphere wordt op dit moment overgenomen door psyops military. Dit is soft mind control towards peaceful acceptance of 'aliens'.

Duidelijk begonnen met zogenaamde kaping op schiphol en andere vliegvelden tijdje terug.

This is not a test, nor a game.

Oh en als er nog iemand is die opeens denkt die lou die wil ik wel ontmoeten. Das een implant en komt niet van jezelf.

Ik ben weer wieberen. We zien WEL waar t schip strandt💋💕💕😎🎉