Tijd in de war?!

Alles puur natuur nier ;-)
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Dodelijke tijd vortex verschijnt boven Antarctica
Jij ook last van klokken die vreemd doen? Zojuist plaatste Baphomet een opmerkelijk nieuws artikel in de shout, namelijk over tijd vortex boven (of onder?) Antartica.
Het hele artikel staat hieronder:
http://www.eutimes.net/2011/04/deadly-t ... ntarctica/
BlackBox wees ons vervolgens op het feit dat ook in Kloosterburen de klokken vreemd doen;
De tijd gaat er vandoor!!

Dan pak ik de griffel hier maar even van Dromen over, daar ik ook al aan het typen was begonnen...

Anyways, mijn klokken doen dus vaag... Net zo vaag zo niet nog vager dan die units in het Groningse Kloosterburen...

Waardoor dit komt dat weet ik dus niet... Ik weet wel dat ik door mijn zoektocht terecht kwam op de pagina over die dodelijke tijds vortex daar op de Zuidpool...

Zo trof ik ook iets aan over Kristallen die mogelijkerwijze de kristallen in horloges weer zouden kunnen beïnvloeden. En dat zou dan weer stroken met dat mooie bergkristal dat ik van BB heb gekregen dat kwarts kristallen in klokken kan beïnvloeden.

Permuter 0. dacht zelfs aan dat ik zelf de klokken zou kunnen beïnvloeden, maar het zijn echt alle digitale klokken... Van mijn Casio Illuminator tot en met de klok op mijn HTC Android... En die zijn beiden niet aangesloten op het lichtnet!

Vage bedoeling dus en dit speelt al sinds afgelopen Donderdag...

Dus mocht jij weten wat dit zou kunnen zijn?! Laat het dan even weten!


Super QFF-er
Super QFF-er
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Interesting huh? :-)

Langzaam maar zeker krijgen we toch steeds meer te horen, hé? Steeds meer "vreemde" zaken die nog geen half jaar geleden werden weg gelachen staan nu gewoon in kranten en andere MSN.

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Voor de volledigheid plaats ik hier toch even het hele verhaal...

Deadly time vortex appears over Antarctica

Disturbing news has been leaking out from the giant continent at the bottom of the world. Some scientists manning lonely outposts under the drifting and shifting aurora are nearly paralyzed with fear. Their clipped reports are being reviewed by astonished superiors back in the home countries.

Russian researchers posted near the giant South Pole sub-glacial Lake Vostok have reported eerie anomalies and incidents over the past few years that sometimes seem to border on the frayed edge of creeping madness.

Artificial structure found under two miles of ice


During April 2001 one of the world’s great secrets was revealed: an ancient structure or apparatus that lay encased miles under the hard Antarctic ice was detected by a roving spy satellite. The US military immediately moved to quash the reports and the mainstream news media dutifully complied.

Despite the news blackout, reports still surfaced that a secretive excavation project had commenced on the heels of the discovery. Some European countries formally protested the excavation by the US military.

“If it’s something the US military has constructed down there, then they’re violating the international Antarctic Treaty,” said an aide to Nicole Fontaine, at the time he was the European Parliament’s French president. “If not, then it’s something that’s at least 12,000 years old, which is how long ice has covered Antarctica. That would make it the oldest man-made structure on the planet. The Pentagon should heed the calls of Congress and release whatever it’s hiding.”


The federal government and the Pentagon ignored the calls.

High technology and strange events


Soon after, some military observers noted that robotic devices were being shipped to the South Pole and speculation erupted about the belief by some that the US Air Force had transported their mammoth nuclear-powered tunel boring machine, the Subterrene, on a C5-A to a secret Antarctic base.

The Subterrene, a cylindrical vessel that is said manned with a crew of four to six, is capable of subterranean travel and has undergone tests in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. Designed to bore through hard rock strata, drilling into the ice would be like a laser cutting through a marshmallow.


Following the frenzied events, of early 2001, the news broke of a mysterious medical emergency that forced an evacuation of unnamed personnel during the depths of the Antarctic winter–the first event of its kind during the dangerous South Pole winter season.

Shortly after that the region was shaken by an unusual earthquake. Seismologists located the temblor at the epicenter of the buried structure in East Antarctica.

Yet still the military resisted making any comment.

A magnetic anomaly formed, intensified, and spread to the vicinity of the Russian Vostok base. Russian researchers were shocked and puzzled.

Meanwhile, the American military airfield buzzed with activity as flights came and went at a dizzying pace. Heavy machinery–some pretty exotic–appeared on the bleak Antarctic ice sheet. Unverified reports claimed that the nuclear-powered earth borer Subterrene arrived.


Finally, the American and European media were pressing hard for some believable answers when 9-11 occured and the US was suddenly under terrorist attack. Domestic and international focus immediately shifted from the Antarctic to New York City and Washington, D.C.

The mysterious events in Antarctica were forgotten.

2002: TV crew disappears

A California TV crew filming in the Antarctic went missing in November 2002.

Supposedly, a video discovered among the crews’ personal effects by a special U.S. Navy SEAL rescue team tasked to find the filmmakers confirmed earlier reports of a huge artifact buried under the ice–a prehistoric machine that may be of alien origin.

“The U.S. government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles beneath the ice,” stated a press release that appeared briefly on the studio production’s website.


Time Vortex erupts

As one bizarre event followed another, a research team of US and UK scientists accidentally came across a mind-numbing discovery. While working on a joint weather research project, the team witnessed the creation of a spinning vortex of time.

US physicist Mariann McLein allegedly testified that she and her colleagues became aware of a “spinning gray fog” in the sky over their heads. They initially dismissed the phenomenon as merely part of a random polar storm.

The spiraling vortex, however, did not disperse. Stranger still, despite gusts of wind and briskly moving clouds overhead, the weird spinning gray fog remained stationary.


Deciding to explore the odd phenomenon, the group took one of its weather balloons and attached a meteorological instrument to it that calibrated temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, windspeed and a scientific chronometer to record the times of the readings.

After attaching a cable to the balloon, and securing the other end to a winch, they released it. The balloon and instrument package soared upwards and were immediately sucked into the gaping maw of the swirling vortex.

The balloon and instruments disappeared.

Tunnel to the past

After a several minutes, they decided to retrieve the balloon. Despite some difficulty with the winch they succeeded in bringing the balloon back to earth and checked the instruments. McLein stated that everyone was stunned by the readout on the chronometer. It displayed a date decades in the past: January 27, 1965.

McLein claimed the experiment was repeated several times with the same result.

Later, she said, the entire episode was reported to military intelligence and passed on to the White House. Presumably the strange vortex phenomenon–a highly magnetic tunnel to the past–was code named The Time Gate by military intelligence.

Magnetic time tunnel to the past?

As the phenomenon was generated in the same general vicinity as the discovery of the giant apparatus deep under the ice, it’s thought the two may be related.

If indeed a magnetic time vortex is appearing and disappearing over Antarctica–and if the phenomena is not natural, but generated by some unknown technology deep under the icecap–it may reveal the physics of time and could potentially allow control of the past, and by implication the future.

If true, it’s no wonder the military is so intensely interested and so closed-mouthed about it.

Bron: EU Times http://www.eutimes.net/2011/04/deadly-t ... ntarctica/
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En dit kwam ik dus ook nog tegen:

Time Storms in The Matrix

Incredible but true accounts of rips in the matrix of time and reality

The more we learn about the nature of reality, the more mysterious it seems. Fantasies like The Matrix films propose that life as we know it on this planet is nothing more than a highly complex computer simulation generated and imposed on our minds by sophisticated machines. Yet we might not have movies like The Matrix if it weren't for the discovery of the perplexing but apparently real nature of the world on a subatomic level. On this quantum level, if I understand it correctly, matter seems to exist as both particles and waves - or the potential to be either - and how it ultimately behaves is determined by observation.


This is a highly complex subject and well beyond the scope and depth of this article, but it may be that reality at a subatomic (or quantum) level may be determined by our own consciousness. Not all scientists quite agree with that conclusion, but it is a possibility. (As far as I know, there are no firm conclusions about quantum reality, only theories.) The bottom line is, the universe may be a set of probabilities and the world we experience day-to-day is just the most probable.

This notion leads to the concept of multiple universes (or dimensions) created by other probabilities, time travel and other mind-bending ideas. So as fantastic as The Matrix may be, reality may be far stranger.

Glowing Clouds, the Oz Factor and Strange Phenomena

One aspect of that strangeness is covered with great intelligence and forthrightness in Jenny Randles' book Time Storms: Amazing Evidence for Time Warps, Space Rifts, and Time Travel. (link: http://erclk.about.com/?zi=15/RNh )

In it, she makes a convincing case that time travel is not only possible, but that it may be taking place regularly around the world.

Randles lays the groundwork for such a possibility by explaining the current scientific thinking about quantum physics and the nature of time in layman's terms. Her explanations are clear and pretty easy to understand, which is quite a feat for such a complicated subject. And the reason for laying this groundwork is to offer a possible explanation for the many highly strange (can we call them paranormal?) experiences people have had that seem to indicate tears, warps or leaps in the fabric of time.

These fascinating anecdotes, which Randles has collected from all over the world, are the meat of the book. And they all have one common element: a peculiar energy cloud that can transport people and very often their vehicles into some unknown dimension. The result for these people can be missing time (from just minutes to days), disorientation (what Randles calls the "Oz Factor"), teleporation over impossible distances, electronic failure, gravity anomalies and other phenomena. These peculiar, glowing clouds -- time storms -- just may be an explanation for a variety of paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, spirits, synchonicity, deja vu, UFOs and what is thought of as alien abductions.

Randles suggests that none of this is paranormal at all, but that these time storms are just a scientific reality that we do not understand yet.

Here are just a few of the true accounts from Time Storms:

* Putre, Chile, 1977 - At 3:50 a.m. on April 24, during army training exercises, a guard saw two fuzzy violet lights descending from the mountain and heading their way. At 4:15 a.m., Corporal Armando Valdez set out into the dark to investigate them. He returned 15 minutes later, but from the opposite direction in which he set out. He seemed to be in a kind of trance, muttering, "You do not know who we are or where we come from." Inexplicably, the corporal had several days growth of beard, and his watch had stopped at 4:15 - but showed a date of April 30!
* Oxford, Maine, 1975 - At 3 a.m. on October 27, David Stephens, 21, and an 18-year-old friend were in a wooded area when they heard a strange sound. They got in their car to go investigate, and the vehicle was soon enveloped in a colored glow. There was a blink in reality and the two instantly found themselves about a mile away with the car pointing in the opposite direction. They subsequently suffered various physical abnormalities, including severe disorientation.
* Somerset, England, 1974 - On July 28, Peter Williamson was having a barbecue in his backyard garden, which was interrupted by a heavy electrical storm. His dog, spooked by the threatening atmosphere, cowered under a tree. Peter went to rescue the animal. There was a bright flash - and Peter vanished into thin air! Police were called and a thorough investigation and search were conducted, without success. At 8 a.m., three days later, Peter was found in some nearby bushes with one foot in a pond - as if he had just appeared there out of nowhere.
* Linhares, Brazil, 1981 - On April 20, Jorge Ramos, who was a representative for a chemical company, left his home at 6 p.m. to travel a few miles to a meeting. He never arrived. His Volkswagon was found on a side road a few miles from his home; the key was still in the ignition and all his business and personal effects were in the car. Police investigations could not account for what happened to Jorge or where he was. Five days later, his wife received a frantic call from Jorge. He said that while driving his car he was covered in a strange white glow after which he found himself in a dreamy, floating state. He came to standing by an unfamiliar road and sought help. To his shock, he discovered that the date was now April 25 - and he was 600 miles from home!

This is just a small sampling of the many true accounts offered in Randles' book, and she says there are many, many others she did not include. The time storm phenomenon seems to happen with some regularity, and many might never be reported.

Is there any hard evidence for these bizarre occurrences? Randles points to an incident that took place in Florida in which a time storm may have been captured on videotape! In 1996 at 11:16 p.m., surveillance cameras were routinely monitoring and taping the area around a small factory. The videotape reveals what happened: As a worker approached one of the gates, a fuzzy white glow appeared and covered the area where the man was standing. There was brief electrical interference to the cameras, but when they cleared, the man had disappeared. One hour and 50 minutes later, the cameras recorded his sudden reappearance. He was on all fours, violently ill and suffered a two-hour gap in his memory.

This will undoubtedly be one of the most fascinating books you'll ever read, presented without nonsense and in a scientific frame of mind. In my view, as entertaining and thought provoking as The Matrix films are, they are notnearly as engaging as the incidents described in Time Storms. This stuff really happens.

Do you think UFOs and aliens could be time travelers?

Bron: http://paranormal.about.com/cs/timetrav ... 052603.htm
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BB@some more digging...
illuminati of my own reality
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Ja BB dat logo lol...

Moest meteen aan John Titor denken!!


En aan dit topic:

index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=53 ... hwabenland
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[quote=""baphomet" post=33946"]Ja BB dat logo lol...

Moest meteen aan John Titor denken!!


En aan dit topic:

index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=53 ... hwabenland[/quote]

Ha, dat had ik dus ook....;)
illuminati of my own reality
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En toch verschillen ze wel op een bepaalde manier...
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8 maanden en 3 weken geleden poste je 'm zelf al eerder!

index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&c ... d=120#5118


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Ook interessant...

the New Nazi-Bell
Tim Ventura (www.americanantigravity.com)
November 14, 2005, 2005
In January 2005, I published “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity” as an in-depth overview of the Nazi-Bell
device. It was simultaneously one of the best stories that I’ve ever written and also one of the most
frustrating. I'd also have to call it the strangest story that I've done for several reasons, not the least of
which being that it’s the only serious "conspiracy theory" that I've ever published. I wouldn't have
written it if the facts didn't check out. Which makes the story itself just keep getting stranger.
Let's start with the basics. My initial exposure to the Nazi-Bell was the same as most people's --
through Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point. Nick sent me a promo-copy to review before the book
was released here in the states. And while I was already familiar with most of the information he had
written about, the Bell stood apart as being something that I'd never heard about before even in vague
newsgroup rumors. Stories like the Searl Effect Generator or the Podkletnov disk get bandied about
online. So it's rare to see a book or TV-show with anything genuinely new, thus making the Bell a rare
American Antigravity didn't cover news for the first few months that our site was online. But by the
time I read The Hunt for Zero Point, I’d already been doing news on a variety of topics. Despite being
intrigued by the Bell story, I didn't want to cover it at the time because it was simply too farfetched to
believe. I'd wondered if maybe Nick Cook had fallen victim to a hoax. Despite the excellent description
of the device in his book, it just didn't mesh with the technology that I was studying at the time.

There have been a few stories that I've sat on waiting for something to break. But the Nazi-Bell was by far the longest in duration (over 2-years) and nobody had mentioned it other than the occasional reference to Nick Cook's research. I think that the problem was that most of us have heard so many WW-II secret-weapons stories that we don't pay attention to new ones or assume that stories like the Bell are simply the result of imaginative Nazi-UFO conspiracy-theorists.
In September 2004, I got into an email argument with Jack Sarfatti He's a tough cookie and easy to offend. The argument spiraled out of control and as often happens with Jack, a few of his colleagues wrote to apologize for his tone and demeanor. I'd gone through the same event with him in 2002. So I wasn't completely irate and decided to chat with them a bit to learn more about the people on his mailing list.
After all, Jack Sarfatti's been a physicist for a long time. During the 1960s, he used to party with Andy Warhol & Jim Morrison. Remember the scene from "The Doors" movie where Warhol gives Morrison a phone that he claims can talk to God? That's Jack's idea. So it's accurate to say that he hangs out with an interesting crowd.
This was how I connected with John Dering -- the chief-scientist for a defense-contractor called SARA in Cypress, California. Dering's got a Master's Degree in Laser Physics and worked for a while at TRW. So he's been around for long enough to hear some of the more interesting stories. The Nazi-Bell, however, wasn't just one that he'd heard. It was one that he built.
Meet John Dering
I talked to John almost every day for about 3 months, collecting data the entire time to write a story on the Nazi-Bell device. The Bell project that he'd been involved with was related to WWII German research. But the modern replication had been financed by Joe Firmage's ISSO startup for about 1.2 million dollars and wasn't an exact replica of the original device. SARA's version was much smaller, using only about 100 watts. And they had modified the design since they didn't actually know many of the details of the original Bell’s construction.
John Dering is the "man who knows too much". As an engineer, most of what he told me rang true. And he had details about not only the physics involved but also most of the engineering challenges that went into building this device. The problem was that whenever I'd ask him where he learned this material, he'd always tell me that it was "common knowledge in the right circles". This might fool the average Joe. But I work with engineers and physicists on a day-to-day basis. And none of them had ever heard of this stuff.
The obvious question is how a laser-physicist like John Dering gets interested in anti-gravity in the first place. He told me a story once about his first job that explains it.
He had gone to a company to work on mercury-sputtering deposition tool that utilized a flow of mercury-ions from a high-voltage, RF-driven emitter. Dering was called in because of what they’d described as a “device malfunction”. The company indicated that when they shut the device down, the pool of waste-mercury in the bottom of the chamber spontaneously rocketed up to the top of the chamber (4-or-5 pounds worth) and splattered with enough force to destroy the sample being etched. They thought it was an anomaly and after testing the device for pinhole leaks and electrical failures, so did John.
What changed his mind was being called in to repair this same “anomaly” over 3 months at 3 different companies, leading him to realize that it was a repeatable effect creating an anti-gravity force on the mercury. But one that only occurred under rare conditions when the device’s fields collapsed during shutdown. It was repeatable … but not intentionally.
Let’s get back to our tale. I mentioned that this story took 3 months to assemble. This is a long time for me. I can usually pen a well-written article in a few days. So 3 months is a "lifetime". Part of the reason for the delay was the background research to make sure that I wasn’t falling victim to a hoax. And the other part was due to Dering himself.
The short version is that I believe John Dering is manic-depressive. On his good days, he writes like a madman and has a wonderful memory for details and an even better knack for expressing them in a convincing manner. On his bad days, it’s not even worth talking to him -- one of the hallmark characteristics of manic depression.
However, it was worth the effort because he’s a certifiable genius. Over the course of our conversations, I accrued a collection of over 650 email-messages laying out a map to exploiting this technology for gravity-control.
The Nazi-Bell
The basis for the Bell Project is supposedly Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The short version is that Einstein had a nearly complete version of this when he fled Germany in 1933. Supposedly, the 1930s' versions are even more useful for gravity-modification than the later 40s' versions where he approached the issues from a very different perspective.
There was a hitch, though. Einstein took the theory with him when he fled. But he had worked closely on it with Walther Gerlach in the 1920s who later became one of Germany's top wartime physicists.
It’s important to remember that the Bell project was completely "compartmentalized" (from a security viewpoint). That’s why they placed it at Wenceslas Mine. Remote location, compartmentalized funding, and no outside exposure for the staff working on it. The story remained untold until Igor Witkowski stumbled across it while following on a Polish folk-tale about what was basically a “ghost-mine” that the locals had been afraid of since the War.
Igor Witkowski wrote this up in a book called Truth about the Wunderwaffe which is the inspiration for the condensed version that most people have seen in Cook’s Zero Point. I spent $80 for Truth about the Wunderwaffe and it was worth every penny. It contained over 50 pages of details about the Bell project including project funding and oversight documents pertaining to the project that Witkowski dug up from musty War-era archives.
Witkowski described the Nazi-Bell as being very similar to a “plasma-focus” -- a design comparable in some ways to high-energy devices used in fusion research. Nick Cook effectively summarized the construction of the Bell which I’ll re-quote from my “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity” article:
“The Nazi-Bell device consisted of two counter-rotating cylindrical containers. The containers -- which were positioned one above the other -- measured approximately 1-meter in diameter and were filled with cryogenically cooled and frozen Mercury metal. There was a frozen core of a metallic paste which served as a “high permeability material” for the EMG (electromagnetic-gravitational) field.”

Keep in mind that most of our knowledge about the secret-weapons of World War II originates
solely from a single source who wrote a book about it in the 1950s from his experiences during the War.
He didn’t know about the Bell and thus it was basically lost from public view.
Would History have progressed differently if he’d published details on it later? I’m not sure. But it
would have been more tempting than most of the other secret-weapons research that we grabbed in
Operation Paperclip. Of course, the fact that this story wasn’t known further highlights the mystery
behind John Dering’s knowledge of it (which I never did find a good explanation for).
Dering's story was that Walther Gerlach had been behind both the Nazi-Bell Project and something
called the "Rhine Valley" experiments. These might have been the "foo-fighters" (i.e., small orbs of
lights that frequently tracked military aircraft).
But the idea John expressed was that they were aspects of the same technology. The Bell was a
propulsion system (probably anti-gravity). And the Rhine Valley experiment was a weapons-system
based on some deadly side-effects that had been noticed during testing of the Bell.
Dering didn't elaborate much on the Rhine Valley experiments except to say that they also
incorporate something called "Zenic" or "Zinsser" surface-waves (I can't remember which). These are
apparently a very efficient method of transmitting electricity through the ground and involve the
calculation of complex resonant frequencies. It sounds like Tesla.
But apparently it was a very rigorous mathematical process that let the Germans supposedly blanket
the valley with a field that normally wouldn't reach more than 100 feet. These are also the basis for
some new engineering projects that John has dreamed up such as building a "hovercraft" that uses Lenz-
Levitation at very low power-levels to hover over these surface-waves imparted via RF-transmitters to
the ground below.
Anyhow, these projects were financed through different channels and located in areas so remote that even the secret-weapons scientists at Peenemunde didn't know they existed. Only a few managerial types did. One of these was SS General Hans Kammler who apparently had military oversight for the project as well as several other top-secret endeavors.
Whatever the Bell actually was at the end of the War, Kammler picked it above all others to take with him into hiding. It's suspected that he may have traded this for asylum in whatever country he landed in. But the fact that he took it was a powerful statement. The Reich had been working on a number of interesting projects including air-breathing Coanda-Effect saucers. Those were burned on the runway to prevent the Allies from taking them. But the Bell was physically removed to Norway via a Junker's transport-plane and then lost to the winds of History
The Philadelphia Experiment
Dering's story also included a large section on the Philadelphia Experiment which he claimed originated again from Einstein's Unified Field Theory. To give John credit, the guy has a nearly photographic memory. He' had quoted me sections of 1979 The Philadelphia Experiment book by William Moore from memory that were nearly identical to passages in the copy that I bought for reference information.
In the case of the Philadelphia Experiment, however, Dering wasn't acting alone. A major part of the story came from Dr. James Corum -- a PhD EE who'd actually conducted a replica of the Philadelphia Experiment in 1994 and then published the results for others to use in their own experiments. Corum had translated Einstein's UFT a while back from German to English,and had been struck by several passages from Carlos Allende that were simply too scientifically accurate to have come from a 1950s' merchant-marine sailor who'd dropped out of high-school.
Corum’s 1994 replication included solid physics and great historical research which I quoted in “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity”:
“During the War, the Germans had a radar-reduction program underway to reduce the radar-cross section of a ship based on the concept of impedance matching. It was known that magnetic biasing of an iron or steel medium can control the surface impendence. The use of degaussing coils to achieve this is likely due to heavy experimentation with them during the War to reduce naval ship’s susceptibility to attack by magnetically-detonated mines or torpedoes.”
So the Bell story itself is nearly all John Dering. And the Philadelphia Experiment story is a combination of Dering and Corum. These guys are both really sharp and have great memories. They haven't talked to each other in over 7 years. But when I cross-referenced their stories, I didn't even have to take notes from Corum since his phrasing was identical to what Dering had told me. Same story, amazing as that sounds...
They found some interesting tidbits about this that nobody else seems to have picked up on. First of all, Dering claims that Bismuth was important to the accidental effects causing the melting-decks and other anomalies in the Philadelphia Experiment due to the role of Bismuth acting as something similar to a transformer core for gravitational effects.
I've heard that unpaired nuclear spin might be the cause for this. But whatever the case, Bismuth has been part of the folklore for nearly 100 years as being important to gravity- effects. Dering claims that it was present in the DE-173 Eldridge to increase the flexibility of the hull-welds. It was a good, non-toxic
material to use during wartime construction and didn't compete with Lead (used for bullets) in the
military supply-chain.

They were building ships so fast that the hull-welds were cracking. So they added Bismuth as a
softener to solve the problem. Thus the ship was shot-through with this substance and the gravitational
anomaly was contained or amplified as a result.
There's been some debate about whether the Philadelphia Experiment was trying to achieve true
optical invisibility or perhaps just some type of primitive "stealth" radar invisibility. don't recall Dering
addressing this in detail. But The Philadelphia Experiment book contains a passage by a "Dr. Rinehart"
that speaks about using Einstein's UFT calculations to bend visible-light around a ship. Certainly it
worked for radar. Corum's 1994 experiment proved that. Rinehart is another interesting tidbit that I
found some inside info on.

When William Moore wrote The Philadelphia Experiment in 1979, he caught up with an individual
mentioned by Carlos Allende under the pseudonym of "Dr. Franklin Reno". This Reno character was
supposed to be a scientist on the Philadelphia Experiment during the War. Which makes sense. Aagain,
Carlos Allende was a 1950s' era merchant-marine sailor with no education. There's no way he could
have effectively talked about Einstein's Unified Field Theory which is complex enough that it still
confuses physicists today.
Moore found this "Franklin Reno" character hiding someplace like Arizona, still paranoid about the
Government tracking him down. Reno wasn't his real name so Moore called him "Dr. Rinehart" and
then stated that this was just another pseudonym. The interesting part is that Dering actually knows Bill
Moore pretty well and claims that this was Moore's interesting way of hiding something in plain-sight.
Rinehart wasn't a pseudonym. Moore had used this person's real name in the book which corresponds to
records of a Dr. Rinehart working as a physicist specializing in Naval Degaussing Equipment in the
Philadelphia Navy Yard in 1943.
That's also what Einstein was doing during the War -- working on "a device to explode a torpedo
under a ship" at the Philadelphia Navy-Yard in 1943. Given his specialization and skills and the fact
that everybody else was working on Einstein's proposal (i.e., the nuclear bomb), it doesn't seem irrational to assume that Einstein was working on the Philadelphia Experiment.
Einstein's Unified Field Theory
So what happened with both the Bell and the Philadelphia Experiment? Here we have 2 experiments based on similar principles, completely cutoff from each other due to wartime secrecy, and yet they produce remarkably similar results. The key, I believe, is that these are both true torsion fields in that they bend the fabric of time-space into a variety of shapes.
Dering suggests that folding space-time is a bit like origami. Lots of shapes and they have different effects. Some of these effects can destabilize nuclei, creating radiation. Others create a back EMF effect that can't be shielded. On a larger scale, these same effects can create anti-gravity, jellification of metals, and things spontaneously disappearing from our reality (like the Eldridge). Basically, Dering is describing a basis in physics for the "Hutchison Effect".

The chief complaint about Einstein's UFT is that "it was never finished" and that "Einstein wasn't happy with it". Very well. However, it did work well enough that GE's Chief-Scientist Gabriel Kron used the UFT to derive solutions for issues like phase-creep in large synchronous electrical systems. A s it turns out, these torsion physics effects are around us all the time. But they're usually so small that nobody notices them.
The key is power. These effects are non-linear in nature. They don't require terawatts per particle like the Quantum Mechanics community would suggest. But they do appear more readily when you have a lot of energy compressed into a small area like in a large electrical generator or in a series of degaussing coils powered by multi-megawatt generators.
These are bulk-matter effects. They become more efficient with scale and size. So the couplings aren't the type of thing that will ever show up in Quantum Mechanics. It's a lot of low-energy particles that modify time-space -- not a single high-energy particle.
John summarized this effectively in “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity”. To save you the trouble of having to jump over to that article, I’ll quickly quote myself:
“Dering speculates that the German WWII research was intended to create a powerful propulsion effect by engineering application of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory (UFT) equations. Within the 1929 version of the Einstein UFT equations, a linkage is found between the “vector magnetic potential” and Torsion.
"Put simply, in the Unified Field Theory the effects of curved space-time (resulting from a massive body like the Earth) can locally offset by creating torsion. Thus electromagnetic interactions are harnessed to induce torsion which in turn can then null out gravitation. This astounding possibility for gravity control is not predicted in either the Special or General Relativity theories and appears only in the Unified Field equations. Thus, a sort of counteraction to gravity or “anti-gravity” field would be the result.
“We measured minor effects with the gravitational rotor test of the Unified Field relations. But it takes real power at or above a critical intensity and field strength for at least a minimum amount of time (the nonlinear build-up time constant) for powerful AG effects to manifest. This may have to be done with very good control on pump frequency bandwidth and phase. Minor weight reduction I have
already seen and done. We did that in 1993-94. It turns out we were probably reproducing the same
sort of experiments that Gerlach and others propped in the late-1920s/early-1930s. Even then, it took a
while before the threshold dependence of this type of interaction was appreciated.
“So have some people seen AG effects? Yes. Why are these effects so difficult to predictably
reproduce? Because it requires meeting all of the conditions I mentioned above. If you are at or just
past threshold the effect will drift in -and-out as the system drifts slightly through the right amplitude,
power, frequency and phase conditions. Just as nonlinear optical effects driven by a laser right at
threshold intensities will flicker as the beam and media drift in-and-out of critical phase matching.”

When Fermi created the first controlled nuclear chain reaction, he found that
the key was using ultra,ultra-pure graphite as the moderator for the fissile uranium. Other
experimenters had tried the same setup but thought ordinary commercial-grade graphite
would be adequate. When they couldn't get the reactor to work, they gave up prematurely.
Similarly, I had seen schematics for a rotating magnetic field that purports to have
time-bending applications. The key here is said to be matched resistors and capacitors in
the quad op-amp circuit that have almost exactly matched tolerances to prevent "drifting"

So in essence, on a small-scale the UFT does nothing. On a large scale, it's possible that the
Eldridge literally became a "standing-state warp-drive". And only God knows about the Nazi-Bell.
Some visitors have gone to the Bell test-site to measure the concrete test-rig they call "the flytrap".
The off-the-cuff estimates place it structurally at being able to support up to maybe 100 tons of weight.
S despite a lack of records for the actual test results, the Nazi’s were obviously planning for something
pretty powerful.
My anonymous-source visited the Bell and did something unique. He rappelled to the top of the
tower and noticed giant rungs where ropes had been mounted. These had been apparently cut-off with a
torch when the site was abandoned. My guess is that this is done so that nobody could accurately gauge
the stress from what they'd been testing by damage or fatigue to the support-rungs.

So there you have it more-or-less. One of the biggest stories that I've ever done and yet incredibly tough to verify data on.
I kept asking myself where John Dering got his knowledge and talked to Dr. Gary Linford -- his former boss at TRW. Linford didn't know anything about the Nazi-Bell, so John got the data someplace else. I have my suspicions.
Dering indicated that he'd had a couple of late-night conversations with a retired intelligence officer in the early 1980s and that this person had given him leads to follow on where to find information. Maybe there was a conspiracy. Or maybe this person had been "pulling his leg" and Dering found something real while following up on the story.
There were a couple of residual problems to this story that bothered me, the first being the after-story. This Nazi-Bell project begins and ends in World War II with no mention of where Kammler finally ended up. My guess is that it was either the USA or Russia, depending on who offered him the most money and asylum.
Russia's an interesting possibility. They got heavily involved with Torsion research after the War. Most of the best work they did in this area is still classified. Nobody in the West got into this work as heavily. It's easy to speculate that if they had possession of the Nazi-Bell, it would have led them into Torsion research to keep track of it.
This physics may have resurfaced (believe it or not) in the hands of Eugene Podkletnov's father. The claim is that Podkletnov's unique experiments with superconductors may have been the result of data from War-era research that his father had at some point come across and passed down to his son. The superconductor could be seen as something close to a solid-state approach to what the Nazi-Bell had attempted with a liquid.
The United States is also a possibility. What interested me in this case is the apparent lack of interest by the USA in UFT research after WWII which seemed to literally drop out of site. Maybe we do have the Bell.
The construction (a big rotating torus of Mercury excited by RF-currents) is very similar to Edgar Fouche's 1990's description of something called the "TR-3B" which is supposedly a government UFO being tested in Area-51. It's a wacky story but Fouche did have some interesting notables. The first being his claim that the TR-3B doesn't completely negate gravity. It only reduces it by 89%, relying for actual propulsion on jet-engines mounted outside the field perimeter. It's a tough sell. But it's the closest story that I've seen to the original Bell tale in a recent setting.

Contemporary Research
Whatever the post-War research might have been, the contemporary research seems to surpass. SARA tested their mini-version of the Bell and found that it effectively produced a gravitational back-EMF that they couldn't shield against. That's important because SARA does electromagnetic shielding on the B-2 bomber. They tried everything imaginable before realizing that it was a time-space distortion effect. They shut the experiment down when ISSO funding dried up. Although the claim is that if the cash is available, they still have the unit ready&waiting for more tests.
Despite losing project funding for this one, John Dering hasn't disappeared. He's working with a computer-model of Corum's translation for Einstein's UFT. Apparently it is producing curl-vectors, which is a first in computer modeling for this type of theory.
Also they've prepped the experiment a bit in the event that they receive funding in the future. They can boost power to their RF-input signal from 100 to 1,000 watts quite effectively (although they're not sure what the results will be). Hopefully they’re not too profound since it could actually be dangerous if they pass the non-linear output threshold.
My singular point of disagreement with Dering is the following. He loves his research and seems convinced that it's the best path for future work. However, if his description of non-linear couplings is correct, then it gives support to ideas like Podkletnov's work, the Searl-Effect, and the Marcus Device. It's possible that if enough power is applied to a variety of devices, these non-linear effects may become predominant. Thus, while Dering doesn't support research into these concepts, I still believe that it's a worthwhile endeavor to research them.
If you're doing research on this stuff yourself, I've often thought that the starting point is probably Gabriel Kron's work. His research eliminated most of the UFT effects from common electric motors and generators. Which is at least one reason we don't see them lifting off the blocks these days. His efficiencies are built into their designs. I've thought that putting those inefficiencies back into the motors would be an excellent place to start since what he considered "inefficient" was actually the result of the electrical-energy being used to bend time-space instead of producing torque.
I'm not a physicist. But I did get a couple of physicists to thoroughly review the "Einstein's Anti-Gravity" story over the course of 2005. They didn't write it off altogether. But I did get mixed feedback about it. This is partially because UFT physics is foreign even to most PhD physicists and because I had them review Kron's electrical-engineering theorems, which they just weren't sure about.
However, I did have one of them who became excited about Kron's work. After reviewing Dering's story, he validated the hypothesis that Kron's research could indeed be the basis for future AG-research.
Obviously there's more to the story. But I think this is probably a good start for the time being. The key to the Bell story is finding similarities between it and the others that are out there. What's interesting is that the more you research this one, the more similarities you find and the more it seems to support the notion that these projects were at least attempted.
The Nazi-Bell and Philadelphia Experiment in a sense lower the credibility of each other. Probably because they're both such outlandish stories. However, when you consider the fact that they were both based on the same physics, it's possible that they actually serve as supporting evidence for a much larger picture that will only be resolved with more research and a couple of well-placed experiments.
Unexpected Consequences
I published “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity” in January 2005 on American Antigravity in the hopes that it would inspire a massive groundswell of interest, research, and possibly funding for this research.
In fact, the story is really the reason that I incorporated American Antigravity as a 501c [3] non-profit -- a legal process beginning in January and ending in May. The idea was compelling enough that I wanted to raise donations from the public to finance SARA’s large-scale replication of their earlier experiment and hopefully publish the results online.
From what John had told me, moving the device from 100 to 1,000 watts would be powerful enough to possibly produce powerful anti-gravity effects. I wanted to be a part of that endeavor. Being the
financier would obviously be a difficult role to fill. But at the same time, it would let me "call the shots". Meaning keeping the results public & honest.
Not only did I publish “Einstein’s Anti-Gravity”, but I also made sure that it stayed on the main page of American Antigravity for maximum exposure & impact. The idea was to begin educating the public about this remarkable technology. And I was sure that the way to approach it was to saturate the web with links & online references.
What happened, however, surprised me. The story bombed!
What Went Wrong
Part of the problem may have come from John Dering himself. I’d promised him editorial oversight as a condition of quoting him. But my expectation had been that he’d give me simply buyoff on it like most of the people I write about do. Normally when I publish a story, I send it to the person I interviewed first and ask them for comments. And normally they write back and say “great job put it online”. Dering, as you might imagine, was a bit different.
The first thing he cut was my "first-person" writing. Not technical enough, he said. That meant that my primary means of connecting with the audience was shot. First person writing has its drawbacks. But the big advantage is that it sells a story to the reader in the same way that you stumble upon it yourself. Usually chronologically.
Part of AG-research is the process of discovery. Usually the pieces have to fit together in a certain order to make any sense at all. First-person writing can follow this process to make it all work.
Not in this case, though. What we ended up with could be described as “dry at best”.
Next, just to annoy me nearly to death, John demanded that I cut all reference to SARA’s experimentation with their mini Nazi-Bell. He’d apparently felt uncomfortable having this information made public despite the fact that the proof for his Bell story rested firmly on SARA’s successful replication.
Part of John’s bipolar nature is giving out too much information on "Day One" and then trying to recant for this later on. This is obviously a bad thing to do when you’ve got a security-clearance. But it doesn’t apply in this case.
You see, the Nazi-Bell replication wasn’t classified. So there’s nothing wrong with giving out details. Nonetheless, John turned himself in to SARA’s security-office which I suspect is more of a penance for conflicted emotions than anything else.
So cutting the information about the contemporary project really killed the story because suddenly it had no legs to stand on. The thousands of visitors to American Antigravity who could have connected 70-years of research to the present now had no present-case to connect it with.
There were a few other tidbits that might have damaged the story a bit also. Like some of the terminology that John inserted to ensure that “everything was technically correct”. His claim was essentially that the general public wouldn’t understand the story anyways. So he’d prefer to complicate some of the descriptions to ensure that it would read correctly for the few people out there who’d understand it. The problem is that nobody understands some of this terminology. And complicating it further reduces the number of people who it might reach.
So here we stand at the end of 2005. And quite possibly the biggest story that I’ve ever covered seems to be collecting dust on the Internet. Sure, people still read it. But they don’t understand it. Or else they simply can’t accept that a story this strange is true. It’s one of those things, to be sure.
In the short-term, you can take hope in the fact that John Dering is plugging away at a computer-model that may somebody produce a workable successor the Nazi-Bell project that’s also collecting dust. In this case, somewhere in a lab near Huntington Beach.
You can also take hope from the fact that the larger-scale device is prepped and ready-to-go. A few people have become interested in this story. It’s possible that with a little more time to review the background information, somebody might just come along and fund a fully replication.
Finally, next time you hear a story from an inventor on the Internet claiming to have a “mystery device” that produces large-scale anti-gravity effects, spend a bit of time looking into it. The supporting physics is there. These Unified Field Effects are all around us all the time. And they’re so poorly understood that any number of devices could accidentally tap into them, giving us that “giant leap forward for all Mankind”.

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ON THE EDGE OF TIME: The Mystery of Time Slips
By Tim Swartz

Time is a funny thing. There never seems to be enough -- yet there is an infinite amount. Time slips through moment upon second into eternity past; yet present, to begin the future.

Time is thought to be unstoppable in its relentless push towards the future. Humans perceive themselves as bound up in time as an insect in amber. Forever imprisoned and forced to reconcile with the regularity and inevitability of change. The past is gone -- the present, fleeting -- and the future is unknown. Or is it?

If a Merseyside policeman by the name of Frank was asked, he may have an entirely different opinion on the subject of time.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in July of 1996, Frank and his wife, Carol was visiting Liverpool's Bold Street area for some shopping. At Central Station, the pair split up; Carol went to Dillons Bookshop and Frank went to HMV to look for a CD he wanted. As he walked up the incline near the Lyceum Post Office/Café building that lead onto Bold Street, Frank suddenly noticed he had entered a strange "oasis of quietness."

Suddenly, a small box van that looked like something out of the 1950s sped across his path, honking its horn as it narrowly missed him. Frank noticed the name on the van's side: "Caplan's." When he looked down, the confused policeman saw that he was unexpectedly standing in the road. The off-duty policeman crossed the road and saw that Dillons Book Store now had "Cripps" over its entrances. More confused, he looked in to see not books, but women's handbags and shoes.

Looking around, Frank realized people were dressed in clothes that appeared to be from the 1940s. Suddenly, he spotted a young girl in her early 20's dressed in a lime-colored sleeveless top. The handbag she was carrying had a popular brand name on it, which reassured the policeman that maybe he was still partly in 1996. It was a paradox, but he was relieved, and he followed the girl into Cripps.

As the pair went inside, Frank watched in amazement as the interior of the building completely changed in a flash to that of Dillons Bookshop of 1996. The girl turned to leave and Frank lightly grasped the girl's arm to attract attention and said, "Did you see that?"

She replied, "Yeah! I thought it was a clothes shop. I was going to look around, but it's a bookshop."

It was later determined that Cripps and Caplan's were businesses based in Liverpool during the 1950s. Whether these businesses were based in the locations specified in the story has not been confirmed. 1

Frank's experience is not that unusual in the realm of strange phenomenon. There is even a name given to such events -- time slips.

A time slip is an event where it appears that some other era has briefly intruded on the present. A time slip seems to be spontaneous in nature and localization, but there are places on the planet that seem to be more prone than others to time slip events. As well, some people may be more inclined to experience time slips than others. If time then is the unmovable force that physicists say it is, why do some people have experiences that seem to flaunt this concept?


Much of ancient Greek philosophy was concerned with understanding the concept of eternity, and the subject of time is central to all the world's religions and cultures. Can the flow of time be stopped or slowed? Certainly some mystics thought so. Angelus Silesius, a 17th-century philosopher and poet, thought the flow of time could be suspended by mental powers:

Time is of your own making;
its clock ticks in your head.
The moment you stop thought
time too stops dead.

The line between science and mysticism sometimes grows thin. Today physicists would agree that time is one of the strangest properties of our universe. In fact, there is a story circulating among scientists of an immigrant to America who has lost his watch. He walks up to a man on a New York street and asks, "Please, Sir, what is time?" The scientist replies, "I'm sorry, you'll have to ask a philosopher. I'm just a physicist."

Time travel, according to modern scientific theory, may still be beyond our grasp. Yet for a number of people who have had unusual time slip experiences, time may be easier to circumnavigate than expected.

A classic example of a time slip can be seen in a note from Lyn in Australia. Lyn had read the book, Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide, (Global Communications, 1999) and thought her experience was similar to others featured in the book.

In 1997 Lyn lived in a small outback town that was built in 1947 and had changed little since that time.

"I was driving toward the main intersection of the town, when suddenly I felt a change in the air. It wasn't the classic colder feeling, but a change, like a shift in atmosphere. The air felt denser somehow. As I slowed at the intersection, I seemed to be suddenly transported back in time to approximately 1950. The road was dirt, the trees were gone and coming toward me to cross the intersection was an old black car, something like a Vanguard or old FJ Holden. As the car passed through the intersection the driver was looking back at me in total astonishment before he accelerated. From what I could see he was dressed in similar 1950s fashion, complete with hat.

"This whole episode lasted perhaps 20 seconds and was repeated at least 5 times during my time there, always at the exact spot. I tried to make out the registration plate number but the car was covered in dust."

Lyn wondered if there is someone out there still living who remembers seeing a strange sight at the intersection back in the 50s...of a weird car with a bug-eyed woman at the wheel. 2

Derek E. tells another interesting time slip story. When he was a child, his father was a taxi driver in Glasgow, Scotland. One day in the late 1960s, Derek's father was driving in the north of the city along Maryhill Road near Queen's Cross, one of the older parts of town and once its own separate community outside the city.

"One minute it was now," Derek wrote, "cars, buses, modern clothes, tarmac roads etc. - and the next thing my dad knew he was in some earlier time. It was certainly pre-Victorian given the clothes he described people wearing, horses, rough road, lower buildings, people in rough clothes and bonnets etc. It lasted as long as it took him to be aware of it and then it vanished and he was back in 'now.'"

Derek also reported that in the 1980's, he and his wife were on a driving holiday in the North York Moors in England. They went to a tiny coastal village called Staithes, which had a steep winding and narrowing road down to the harbor, with the entrance to the houses and narrow footway at a higher level of three or four feet.

"We parked at the top of the village, hamlet really, where the tourist buses and cars had to stop and made our way down on foot. What I remember is a brilliantly sunny day with lots of other people around, but as we made our way down, it just suddenly seemed as if no one else were there but my wife and me. An old woman appeared on the footway opposite us. It became cooler and duller. She asked, in what seemed to me an old-fashioned and very polite way, what year it was. Now lots of old people get confused and it could have been that, but what I remember vividly is her black clothes - handmade, rough and with hand-sewn buttons - really big compared with modern ones. Her shoes were very old fashioned with much higher and chunkier heels than you'd see an older person wearing nowadays. In the time it took me to turn to my wife and say, 'Did you see that?' she was gone. The sun was back and so were all the people. My wife had also seen the same old woman and felt the same chill." 3

Derek's experience seems strikingly similar to traditional ghost stories. Many ghost sightings are readily explained as individuals who appear out of their normal location or time; but often the ghost also seems to change the surroundings of the witness, giving the impression of a time slip. What is open to question is whether these are glimpses into another time or does the witness or the ghost actually travel in time? Perhaps it is simply different sides of the same coin.

Martin Jeffrey, co-editor with Louise Jeffrey of the website www.mysterymag.com, speculates that time slips can be recreated or induced using a "trigger factor," which "…occurs when one is interested in his surroundings but is not concentrating on them; a slip occurs at a precise place and moment and the witness is thrust seemingly into another time."

Jeffrey cites the case of Alice Pollock, who at Leeds Castle in Kent "experienced what could be called a 'classic' time slip. Alice was experimenting in Henry VIII's rooms by touching objects in an attempt to experience events from another time. After a period of receiving no impressions whatsoever, the room suddenly changed. It lost its modern, comfortable appearance to become cold and bare. The carpet had disappeared and there were now logs burning on the fire. A tall woman in a white dress was walking up and down the room; her face seemed to be in deep concentration. Not long after, the room returned to its original state.

Later research found that the rooms had been the prison of Queen Joan of Navarre, Henry V's stepmother, who had been accused of witchcraft by her husband. 4

It could be that the witness triggers time slips, whether they blank their mind at a precise moment and the slip occurs, or the witness touches something that holds the memory of a previous time.

"The simplest explanation is probably the psychometric hypothesis," noted Colin Wilson and John Grant in The Directory of Possibilities. "In the mid-nineteenth century, Dr. Joseph Rodes Buchanan of the Covington Medical Institute performed experiments that convinced him that certain of his students could hold letters in their hands and accurately describe the character of the writer. He became convinced that all objects carry their 'history' photographed in them. Buchanan wrote: 'The past is entombed in the present. The discoveries of psychometry will enable us to explore the history of Man as those of geology enable us to explore the history of Earth.' Clearly, psychometry may be seen as a form of time slip."


The classic of time slip tales occurred in August 1901, when two Englishwomen on holiday, Annie Moberly, Principal of St. Hugh's College in Oxford and Dr. Eleanor Frances Jourdain, visited Paris. After a short stay in the capital, they went on to Versailles.

After visiting the palace they began searching for the Petit Trianon but became lost. As they wandered the grounds, both women began to feel strange, as if a heavy mood was oppressing their spirits. Two men dressed in "long greyish-green coats with small three-cornered hats" suddenly appeared and directed the women to the Petit Trianon. They strolled up to an isolated cottage where a woman and a 12- or 13-year-old girl were standing at the doorway, both wearing white kerchiefs fastened under their bodices. The woman was standing at the top of the steps, holding a jug and leaning slightly forwards, while the girl stood beneath her, looking up at her and stretching out her empty hands.

"She might have been just going to take the jug or have just given it up I remember that both seemed to pause for an instant, as in a motion picture," Dr. Jourdain would later write.

The two Oxford ladies went on their way and soon reached a pavilion that stood in the middle of an enclosure. The place had an unusual air about it and the atmosphere was depressing and unpleasant. A man was sitting outside the pavilion, his face repulsively disfigured by smallpox, wearing a coat and a straw hat. He seemed not to notice the two women; at any rate, he paid no attention to them.

The Englishwomen walked on in silence and after a while reached a small country house with shuttered windows and terraces on either side. A lady was sitting on the lawn with her back to the house. She held a large sheet of paper or cardboard in her hand and seemed to be working at or looking at a drawing. She wore a summer dress with a long bodice and a very full, apparently short skirt, which was extremely unusual. She had a pale green fichu or kerchief draped around her shoulders, and a large white hat covered her fair hair.

At the end of the terraces was a second house. As the two women drew near, a door suddenly flew open and slammed shut again. A young man with the demeanor of a servant, but not wearing livery, came out. As the two Englishwomen thought they had trespassed on private property, they followed the man toward the Petit Trianon. Quite unexpectedly, from one moment to the next, they found themselves in the middle of a crowd--apparently a wedding party--all dressed in the fashions of 1901.

On their return to England, Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain discussed their trip and began to wonder about their experiences at the Petit Trianon. The two began to wonder if they had somehow seen the ghost of Marie Antoinette, or rather, if they had somehow telepathically entered into one of the Queen's memories left behind in that location. As if to confirm their suspicion, Moberly came across a picture of Marie Antoinette drawn by the artist Wertmüller. To her astonishment it depicted the same sketching woman she had seen near the Petit Trianon. Even the clothes were the same.

Intrigued by the growing mystery, Jourdain returned to Versailles in January 1902 and discovered that she was unable to retrace their earlier steps. The grounds seemed mysteriously altered. She then learned that on October 5, 1789 Marie Antoinette had been sitting at the Petit Trianon when she first learned that a mob from Paris was marching towards the palace gates. Jourdain and Moberly decided that Marie Antoinette's memory of this terrifying moment must have somehow lingered and persisted through the years, and it was into this memory that they had inadvertently stumbled. 5


What can be concluded then from these anecdotal tales? Did these people actually travel, albeit briefly, into the past to glimpse scenes that once were? Or were they caught up in a form of haunting where, like an old movie, they saw a scene that had somehow been implanted in a location and allowed to "play back" again for those sensitive enough to pick up the lingering impressions?

However, if time slips are a form of haunting, what explanation can be offered to the experience of a Mr. Squirrel, who in 1973 went into a stationer's shop in Great Yarmouth to buy some envelopes. He was served by a woman in Edwardian dress and bought three dozen envelopes for a shilling. He noticed that the building was extremely silent -- there was no traffic noise. On visiting the shop three weeks later, he found it completely changed and modernized; the assistant, an elderly lady, denied that there had been any other assistant in the shop the previous week. Even though the envelopes disintegrated quickly, Mr. Squirrel was able to track down the manufacturers, who said that such envelopes had ceased to be manufactured fifteen years before. 6

How can a haunting produce such physical evidence?

Time slips are "often accompanied by feelings of depression, eeriness and a marked sense of silence, deeper than normally experienced," posits author Andrew MacKenzie in his book Adventures in Time: Encounters With the Past, drawing this conclusion based on the Versailles time slip accounts as well as his own interviews with people who have experienced the phenomenon.

"It is interesting to note that on August 10, 1901, the day of Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain's experience, electrical storms were recorded over Europe and the atmosphere was heavy with electricity. Could this have led to an alteration in the local temporal field around Versailles?"

Perhaps there is a natural phenomenon that under the right conditions and location can produce briefly a doorway to another time and place. Even though this may sound outrageous, this natural "time machine" could show that modern concepts and perceptions of time need to be seriously reconsidered. It may be that the past and even the future might be closer then thought with current scientific theories. With the right frame of mind and the right natural conditions, the barriers of time and space that have traditionally kept mankind locked into place may finally be broken, allowing the mysteries of the world and the universe to be finally revealed.

Tim Swartz is an Emmy-Award winning television producer and the author of such books as: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide, and Teleportation: From Star Trek to Tesla. Tim Swartz is also the editor of Conspiracy Journal, a popular e-mail newsletter of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and anything else weird and strange.

Bron: http://uforeview.tripod.com/timeslips.html
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Missing Time in Texas
by Johnny

The story I am fixing to relay happened on July 25th, 2007. It wasn't until about a month later that I really started thinking about it in detail for some reason, and started researching for similar experiences on the Internet. I thought I would post it as it might help me to write it out and see if I am missing something that might explain what may indeed be an encounter with a "time rift" of some sort.

I am a 41-year-old businessman; just pretty much your everyday kind of guy and not overly concerned with sci-fi or any type of the paranormal. On this particular date I was traveling from Fort Worth, Texas to my home outside of Austin. About 3:30 p.m. I arrived in Stephenville, Texas as I was to pick up some things from a nursing home that had been left behind by my recently departed mother-in-law. I thought that while I was in the area I would stop by the ranch of a friend of mine's father. I had been to the ranch a few times, but usually with my buddy to hunt. He always drove, so I never paid attention how to get there. I called my buddy and told him I was in the area of his father's ranch and was thinking of stopping by and checking on his dad (as he had just recently lost his wife to cancer). My buddy said that was nice of me to do that and gave me specific directions to the ranch from where I was at the time.

I showed up and my friend's dad was glad to see me. We ended up getting on his John Deere all-terrain vehicle and touring the ranch. He was feeling melancholy as he was about to sell this ranch, and I could tell he wanted to tour me about and tell stories. He poured us each a little vodka drink and off we went. By that time, I'm guessing it was about 5:30 p.m. I planned on staying about 30 minutes and getting on home, which was about two and a half hours away non-stop. We toured about, came back to the ranch house and visited more. I kept trying to leave as I knew I was going to already be in trouble with the wife. I had told her I would be home a round 7:00 p.m. It was already getting dark, so I knew it was probably somewhere near 9:00 p.m. However, our conversations kept pulling me back in.

Finally, long after dark, I left. I had probably had two or three drinks over this four-hour period and I felt like I had drank three times that. I am no stranger to strong drinks and had quite honestly never felt this way. Let's just say I have a pretty high tolerance. I, honestly, shouldn't have gotten in my pick up, but I had an important meeting early the next day and had to get home. Bad call, I know.

Anyway, the road from the ranch to the next significant town is one that winds and twists in many directions. I pulled out of the ranch and called my wife as soon as I got cell phone signal. She was irritated with me for being so late and not calling, and rightly so. I told her that I would just talk to her later and hung up. That is about all I remember of that time. I suddenly found myself in Lampassas, Texas, about an hour away. Although I didn't think much of it at the time, I later realized that I did not remember making the treacherous drive from the ranch to Lampassas. I decided to pull over and eat at a Taco Bell. I remember thinking that I hope it was still open as I knew it at least 11:30 p.m. since I had left at 10:30 p.m. I didn't bother to check my watch. I ate heartily inside the restaurant and got back in the truck.

Suddenly, I was in North Austin; another hour and a half from Lampassas. Problem was, I was on Hwy 183 and was supposed to be on Hwy 281. In the strange state I was in, I had missed my turn, apparently, which is easy to do in Lampassas, and had gone an hour out of my way on the trip to my house. I found a loop I was familiar with and headed back to our little town west of Austin. During this trek I stopped and bought coffee and to top it all off, I was pulled over by a deputy for a missing brake light. Thank God, I was able to hold it together and didn't get a ticket. As a matter of fact, the deputy was one of the nicest fellas I had ever met. I remember feeling so calm with him instead of being panicked like a normal "drunk". He gave me a warning and that was all. All that together, was probably an extra 30 minutes added to my final trek home plus another extra hour I was going to have to drive to get back to my house since I had taken the wrong highway.

I finally made it though. Now I walked into my home and my son and his friend we're up watching a movie. I sat with them for a time and finally ventured back to my computer as I had a couple of emails that I had to send. I found it strange that the boys were up watching a movie as I knew with stops to eat, the deputy stop and coffee and pee stops that it was at least 1:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. For some strange reason (once again, very unlike me, I never checked the clock). Now at this point, this just sounds like I guy who had too much to drink and was lucky to make it home without killing himself or others. The problem is: I am not the kind of guy to drive drunk or even drive when I am sleepy. Secondly, I didn't have enough to drink to warrant this type of feeling. Finally, I can honestly tell you that in all of my life, I have NEVER blacked out. Yet I couldn't account for most of two and a half hours of this drive. I simply don't remember making a large part of the drive.

Here's where it gets weird. My buddy, who's father I had visited, told me I called him at 10:30 p.m. that night and told him I was just leaving the ranch. I reported to him on how his dad was doing and hung up. Another buddy said I had left him a "hilarious" message around the same time. I went back to computer and checked my email "sent folder". The emails I sent that night were sent at 12:32 a.m. and 12:48 p.m. I had sent these after sitting with my son and his buddy for at least 20 minutes. This means that I made a drive that (with me taking the wrong highway, stops for food, traffic stops) should have taken at least four hours in about two hours! Even if I hadn't stopped at all and had kept on the right highway, the drive would have taken two and a half hours.

I checked my cell phone records and there are no records of calls made to either one of my buddies on that night as they had stated I did. There are four calls to my wife, however, and I only talked to her once. She was mad at me so I didn't call her back again... I remember that, distinctly.

The questions remain: How did such a small amount of liquor take me to such a strange almost euphoric state? Where did that two to two and half hours go? Who was that nice deputy and why didn't he give me a written warning, as they always do in Texas? How did I contact my two buddies without it showing up on the call log of my phone bill. Finally, last but not least, my debit card billing statement said that I ate at Taco Bell on the 27th (two days later). It has a date that shows when the transaction took place and then usually shows that the transaction "registers" the next day. However, both dates show that I ate in Lampassas on the 27th and it registered on the 27th.

For lack of a better explanation, I either entered some weird time rift (possibly twice) or something safely carried me home over those winding roads that was beyond own doing. Very strange! By the way, my wife still loves me despite my bad behavior that day.

Bron: http://paranormal.about.com/library/bls ... r07_12.htm
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For most people, spotting a UFO would be considered extremely unusual, but for two Ohio women, seeing a UFO was the least surprising part of their experience.

In June 2001, two sisters, Angie Whitmeyer and Deborah Simmons, were returning from a day of shopping in Dayton, Ohio, when a strange light in the sky caught their attention.

“We were heading home to Kingman, Ohio, on State Road 73,” Deborah recalled. “It was a beautiful evening around 8:30 p.m., the air was warm and the sky crystal clear. Angie was driving and I was watching the scenery go by when I noticed a bright light in the western sky.”

Deborah watched in amazement as the light grew in intensity and flew towards the car at an incredible speed.

“Deborah asked me what that weird light was,” said Angie. “But we were close to Caesar Creek Lake and the road was pretty dark so I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to it. But then it flew right in front of us so I couldn’t miss it.”

The bright light soared past the car and hovered over the nearby treetops, casting an eerie glow over the entire area. Whitmeyer pulled the car over onto the side of the road so they could get a better look at the unusual object.

Deborah was shocked by how large and close the UFO was to them: “The light was so bright and white that you couldn’t see any shape behind it. But we could tell it was pretty big, at least as big as a house. The funny thing was that I couldn’t hear any sort of engine like you would normally hear with an airplane or helicopter. It was completely silent.”

Suddenly, another, identical bright light swooped down from the sky and hovered a short distance away. The two sisters decided the situation was becoming too strange and tried to drive away.

“That’s when I discovered that the car had stopped and I couldn’t restart it,” Angie said. “Nothing worked, the lights, the radio, it was completely dead.”

The two women also noticed an odd silence had descended over the area, accompanied by a strange feeling of isolation. Angie remembered that it seemed as if they were the only people in the world.

“I don’t remember seeing another car come by during the entire time we were there, which is really weird because at that time of an evening there’s always traffic on that road. And it was just dead silent outside, no birds, nothing. It was as if we were in another world.”

Uncertain what to do next, Angie and her sister continued to watch the strange pair of lights, when, unexpectedly, both objects shot straight up and disappeared into the night sky. The area was plunged into darkness, and oddly enough, the normal sounds of the night came back almost as if switched on.

“As soon as the lights flew away,” Deborah said, “the car started running again all by itself. The lights and radio were on just as they were before everything happened.”

According to their watches, the strange encounter had lasted more than 20 minutes. However, when they arrived home, Deborah’s husband seemed unconcerned about what they thought was a late arrival. That’s when they discovered that instead of being after 9:00 p.m., as their wristwatches indicated, it was only 8:35 p.m.

“It was as if the entire time we spent looking at those lights had never happened,” Angie said. “But it did happen, our watches both showed we had been stuck out there for over 20 minutes, but somehow we gained that time back with a few minutes to spare. Normally we should have been home at around ten to nine, but somehow, despite what had happened, we got there early.”

Distortions in Time and Space

One of the strangest aspects of some UFO encounters is the apparent distortion of time when a UFO is nearby. Researchers and writers have tried for years to understand and to interpret what happens before, during, and after a close contact with a UFO. But, many reports of time anomalies have been kept off some UFO databases because such events fall outside of the preconceived notions of what a UFO sighting should entail.

Like the two Ohio sisters, others who have experienced a close contact with a UFO have reported apparent time distortions like the failure of car engines, a strange feeling of isolation (to the point where it is observed that no other vehicles or people are seen during the sighting), unusual silence, spatial changes, altered states of consciousness, and distortions in the flow of time.

Generally, these anomalies disappear along with the UFO. Occasionally, however, the witnesses will suffer from unexpected relapses weeks, even years, after the initial experience.

These anomalous events have created more headaches than answers for researchers who have attempted to find scientific validation for unusual UFO encounters. On the surface, some of the reported anomalies seem to be explainable using modern science. However, upon closer analysis, strange things tend to become even stranger.

Failure of Car Engines

The disruption of car motors, machinery, and electronic devices during a UFO event has been commonly reported. Thousands of these inexplicable stories have been duly recorded over the years and many volumes have been written in an attempt to understand the underlying principles involved.

Mark Rodeghier of the Center for UFO Studies analyzed 441 cases in which “the car, truck, or other motor vehicle in which a witness was either riding or in near proximity to, was seemingly affected by the presence of a UFO. Headlights, radios and even flashlights were also affected.”

Of the vehicle failure cases summarized by Rodeghier, ten percent noted an unusual phenomenon called “spontaneous engine restarts” at the end of a sighting. In reality, this figure is probably much higher considering the amount of underreported and underdocumented cases worldwide.

In these cases the car’s engine would mysteriously restart without the driver turning the key. One witness said: “As soon as the UFO flew away, the car, radio, headlights, switched back on by themselves. One second everything was completely dead, and the next, everything was running smoothly as if nothing had ever happened.”

The witness said he was left with the feeling that his car had been stopped between the ticks of a clock: “Like time had completely vanished.”

The Oz Effect

Another notable feature of many cases is the sudden unusual silence and an overwhelming feeling of isolation in the proximity of a UFO. Many people have noted that normal sounds—birds, insects, traffic—suddenly stop just before and during a close UFO sighting.

A man from Wisconsin reported that he had observed a UFO hovering over the treetops directly over his head once while deer hunting. He stated that the day had been windy and the trees were swaying and creaking pretty loudly in the breeze. What made him look up was the fact that all of a sudden the forest went “completely dead.”

He noted that the trees had stopped moving as if “frozen in place.” That is when he noticed a strange, dark, triangle-shaped object floating over the trees.

“It was a little bigger than a pickup truck and was solid black. I didn’t see any lights or hear any kind of sound from it.”

The hunter reported feeling like he was “looking up through a tunnel with me at the bottom and the UFO at the top. I knew that I was completely alone and that no one could help me.”

As soon as the UFO passed overhead the forest returned to normal.

The experience of such unusual sensations around a UFO has been dubbed “the Oz Effect” by UFO researcher and author Jenny Randles, and may indicate that there could be a field of influence that is being emitted around a UFO. Anyone close enough to a UFO would find himself completely contained within this field. The odd effects noticed by eyewitnesses could give us some kind of indication of the true nature of these energy fields. Unfortunately, anecdotal accounts of UFO experiences have rarely been followed up with rigorous studies of their content.

UFOs and Time

Scientists brave (or foolhardy) enough to try and conduct proper research on the nature of UFOs have been unable to find satisfactory answers as to why UFOs seem to cause time distortions. Past interpretations of Einstein’s physics leave little room for localized time anomalies, unless influenced by a gravitationally massive object such as a black hole.

However, the new kids on the physics block, quantum and string theories, may show that time and space are easier to influence than was previously thought. Some physicists believe that it is possible to engineer space-time itself and to surround a spaceship with a local space-time in such a way that locally, the light barrier remains intact, while from the outside the ship is moving at faster-than-light velocity. UFOs that seem to rapidly accelerate, change direction, or even disappear are actually operating conservatively from the viewpoint of their own internal time rates.

If someone or something came close enough to a ship that was creating its own space-time, normal time and space, as they know it, would cease to exist for them, and they would come under the influence of the artificial space-time.

This could explain some of the stranger aspects of UFO encounters, such as environmental sounds disappearing, isolation, the freezing of motors and electronic devices, and the feeling of time slowing down, stretching out, and losing all meaning. The UFO is literally creating an alteration in the local state of space-time, thus generating a major distortion effect that is experienced by the witness. Within this time anomaly the perceived forward motion of time could even disappear, allowing for the past, present, and future to intrude upon one another.

A Glimpse of the Past

In 1981, Linda Taylor and her mother were traveling by car to Chorlton, a district of Manchester, England. The normally busy road became strangely empty and the two women noticed a huge light in the sky that seemed to pace their car.

Linda told investigators that her car “jerked about” and slowed down despite her attempts to accelerate. Suddenly, an “old-fashioned” car appeared in the road ahead and drove straight towards the two women. At the same time the light in the sky turned into a metal disc that hovered over the main road.

As the UFO moved away from Taylor and her mother, the old car vanished instantly. When the women returned home they found that two hours were missing from their trip. As with some others who have had close UFO encounters, Linda later had several odd psychic experiences and further time lapses.

Time distortions may not always occur with a visible UFO nearby. In 1980, Peter Rojcewicz, now a professor of humanities and folklore at New York’s Juilliard School, was in the University of Pennsylvania library reading a UFO book suggested by another professor.

As he read, Rojcewicz noticed that someone was standing in front of him. Looking up, Rojcewicz saw a very gaunt, pale man, about six feet tall and weighing around 140 pounds. The strange man wore a black suit, black shoes, a black string tie, and a bright white shirt. His suit was loose and it looked as though he had slept in it for days.

“He sat down like he had dropped from the ceiling—all in one movement—and folded his hands on top of a stack of books in front of him,” Rojcewicz said. The man asked Rojcewicz what he was doing. Rojcewicz said he was reading about flying saucers.

“Have you seen a flying saucer?” the man asked. Rojcewicz said he hadn’t.

“Do you believe in the reality of flying saucers?” Rojcewicz said he didn’t know much about them and wasn’t sure he was very interested in the phenomena.

The man screamed: “Flying saucers are the most important fact of the century and you are not interested?”

The man then stood up, again, all in a single awkward movement, put his hand on Rojcewicz’s shoulder, and said: “Go well on your purpose.” With that, he left.

Rojcewicz was suddenly overwhelmed by fear: “I had a sense that this man was out of the ordinary and that idea frightened me. I got up and walked around the stacks toward where the reference librarians usually are. The librarians weren’t there. There were no guards there—there was nobody else in the library…I was utterly alone and terrified.”

The professor went back to the table where he had been reading “to get myself together. It took me about an hour. Then I got up and everything was back to normal; the people were all there.”

It would seem that Rojcewicz could have been placed into a separate time-space field in order for his contact to occur. The entire episode may have occurred in the blink of an eye in normal time-space. But for Rojcewicz, an entire hour passed.

One gentleman, who reported his alleged UFO abduction on an Internet forum, said that when he was being returned from an abduction to the motel room where he was staying, he “noticed that there was a person in the parking lot below us (myself and several ‘Grays,’ were ‘floating’ in mid-air so I had a bird’s eye view of the surroundings,) [who] seemed to be frozen in mid-step. Everything was dead quiet and nothing was moving. It was as if time had stopped or frozen for the few moments it took for them to transport me from a UFO back to my room that was located on the second floor of the motel.”

These interesting cases show that there is still a lot we have to learn from UFO reports. Investigators need to be willing to look beyond the traditional “by-the-book” questions and allow the witnesses to relate their entire experience—no matter how unusual it may be. Many researchers and databases fail to mention some of the stranger aspects of UFO encounters because they don’t fit a particular belief system or bias. We can learn much more if researchers put aside their own personal feelings and allow the full information to come forward.

Currently, any theories and conclusions are really little more than speculation. Nevertheless, scientists who are not afraid to look beyond the norm are every day developing new concepts in physics and the true nature of reality.

Bron: http://uforeview.tripod.com/time/ufosti ... rtion.html
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